Extended Project Qualification

Students on our Honours Programme have the option to take an Extended Project Qualification.

The EPQ is equivalent to half an A Level and allows you to pursue an individual research project related to your future ambitions, or one that draws on a personal interest. You are supervised by a tutor who guides you in your choice of project and the skills you will need to realise it; you will attend EPQ sessions each week with your supervisor as a part of your timetable. Ultimately, you will produce a significant piece of independent research. It is graded A* to E.

The EPQ provides you with vital skills that will not only help you with your applications and interviews for universities, but also develops your capability to work independently. Skills include obtaining and selecting information from a variety of sources, analysing data, taking critical decisions and communicating ideas effectively to others. It is a requirement that you present your research findings to an appropriate audience upon completion of your EPQ.

Many universities view this qualification very positively. Cambridge University’s Dr Geoff Parks said:

“The potential benefits of Extended Projects are enormous. They give students the opportunity to get deeply involved in a subject that interests them, to develop research and critical thinking skills, to pull together learning from other subjects and to develop extended writing skills – all of which are hugely valuable preparation for university study. Cambridge is one of many universities which support Extended Projects as good preparation for degree-level study.”

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