Our Strategy

Our Vision
Inspiring people and changing lives through excellence in education and training

College Values

Excellence in everything we do
Respect for individuals, promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity
Support for students and apprentices and staff by providing care and promoting well-being and resilience in a safe and protective environment
Ambition for the College, its students and apprentices to be the best they can be
Innovation in how we work, develop and continuously improve
Celebration of the success and achievement of our students, apprentices and staff

Furness College Strategy 2022-2025

Objective 1: Inspire
To inspire individuals through a rewarding, supportive, safe and inclusive environment

Success Factors

  • Through the College’s vision and values, and that of its Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), be a driving force in raising aspirations and instilling a passion to improve education
  • Listen to and act upon the views of stakeholders, and provide easy access for students and apprentices to provide feedback to ensure the College continuously improves
  • Regularly review the curriculum and develop the team in order that the College meets the current and future skills and employment needs of students and apprentices, and supports local and regional economic growth
  • Prioritise the diverse and inclusive culture to create a positive learning environment which is committed to equality, maintaining a zero-tolerance approach to all harassment and discrimination
  • Develop the resilience of students, apprentices and staff by actively supporting mental well-being and promoting a culture of openness and understanding which develops positive team-working
  • Advance students’ and apprentices’ employability skills and foster a culture of innovation and enterprise, alongside academic and technical excellence
  • Celebrate the achievement and progress of our students, apprentices, employers and staff, creating a reputation of excellence at local, regional and national level

Objective 2: Succeed
To raise individual aspirations, create opportunities and promote personal development and progression by delivering high-quality inclusive education and training

Success Factors

  • Drive high performance through excellence in teaching, learning and assessment and have high expectations for students and apprentices by setting aspirational targets, measuring progress and challenging learning, to ensure they achieve their full potential
  • Undertake rigorous self-assessment, set challenging targets for improvement, measure progress and take actions to achieve excellence and improved student outcomes
  • Deliver an exceptional face-to-face, remote and blended learning experience and first-class resources, maximising opportunities to share excellence between campuses and with South Cumbria Multi-Academy Trust (SCMAT)
  • Deliver an innovative and engaging remote learning offer, building on current excellent practice and maximising the emerging demand for online and blended learning programmes
  • Foster an awareness of the range of aspirational career opportunities by providing timely and impartial information, advice and guidance to young people, adults and employers
  • Provide the highest level of support to students and apprentices in order that they secure successful destinations and achieve their aspirations
  • Forge true collaboration between the College and its MAT, delivering outstanding education and skills training through the College’s role as leader in the Further Education (FE) and school sectors

Objective 3: Contribute
To contribute to the success of Furness and the wider area to develop its well-being and economic success

Success Factors

  • Deliver a flexible, demand-driven and growing programme of training for students and employers, including apprenticeships and professional courses, and maximise funding opportunities
  • Contribute to and be a collaborative leader in regional economic growth through a high-quality, demand-driven curriculum offer which is developed through actively gauging the needs of individuals and employers
  • Continue to be a lead provider of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills training, whilst promoting creativity and the broadest curriculum offer, including through involvement in wider engagement activities
  • Partner with employers to maintain a comprehensive student entitlement to high-quality and meaningful industry placements and work-related activities
  • Contribute to the development of skills in the workforce and address current and future skills shortages by working closely with local and regional organisations such as the Local Enterprise Partnership, schools, universities and local authorities
  • Maintain the successful partnership with BAE Systems and other key employers, expanding into new programme areas
  • Actively influence the development of and the College’s relationship with the two new unitary authorities in the area

Objective 4: Prosper
To be financially successful through efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the delivery of sustained income.

Success Factors

  • Foster a culture of innovation, enterprise and measured risk which leads to demand-driven curriculum development, appropriate diversification, sustained income and improved work practices
  • Focus on partnership opportunities, working with other high-quality providers and employers
  • Develop new programmes in line with business need, including T levels and, higher education and professional programmes, attracting funding and full-cost income
  • Promote the College to all employers and the wider community, ensuring they have a good understanding of how the College can positively impact their business
  • Continue to invest in the development of the staffing team and cutting-edge facilities and resources to maintain the College as a leader in the provision high-quality education and skills training, both in STEM subjects and the wider creative industries
  • Maintain the College’s strong financial health and future prosperity through maximising opportunities to grow income and bringing about the appropriate and necessary efficiencies in the delivery of the College’s curriculum and services
  • Provide regular and robust performance data to the Corporation, including forecasts, emerging risks and opportunities, enabling the required level of scrutiny to inform leadership actions

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