The Importance of Maths and English

There have been many changes in the Education Sector and far greater emphasis is now paid to Maths and English.

The Government recently introduced study programmes. A core principle of study programmes is that any student who has not achieved grade A* to C or grade 4 or above in Maths and/or English GCSE, by age 16, must continue to work towards achieving these qualifications. Therefore every full-time learner aged 16 – 19 years old who undertakes a programme of study at Furness College will continue with Maths and English, either on discrete English and Maths courses or embedded within their curriculum.

If learners do not attend Maths and English classes, as part of their studies, they are not eligible for funding and the place on their course is in jeopardy.

How do Maths and English fit in?

Research indicates that adults with poor English and Maths skills are:

  • Most likely to end up in unskilled lower paid work
  • Twice as likely to be released from employment
  • Four times more likely to experience long periods of unemployment

In a recent survey for Maths and English skills, it found that almost every job requires competence in Maths and English and this is across the whole spectrum of employment opportunities, not just the perceived high flyer posts.

We also offer GCSE Maths and English for adult students at both our Channelside and Rating Lane campuses.

Victoria Galston, English and Maths GCSEs. Progression aim: Access to university course at Channelside campus

“You’re never too old to go back to education. If you have a goal and you are determined, anything is possible. Barrow Sixth Form has been very accommodating and I was able to arrange my timetable to fit in with my business and family needs.”

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