Finance for Adults


If you think you may not be able to afford to study, there are a number of ways you may be able to get help. General advice is given below but the rules can change from year to year, so we recommend you follow the links provided below to access the most up-to-date information. Staff in Student Services are also able to discuss your individual circumstances and provide you with an application form.

Course Funding Information for Adults

If you’re aged 19 or over, you could access a level 3 qualification for free. This is part of the support available from the government to help you gain the skills you need to get the job you want – whatever your stage of life.

level 3 qualification is equivalent to an advanced technical certificate or diploma, or A levels.

The qualifications could help you:

  • Gain skills that employers value
  • Improve your job prospects
  • Earn a higher wage

If you’re eligible, you will not have to pay for your level 3 qualification. The government will pay the course fees.

For full details click here: Free courses for jobs – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) or contact Student Services on 01229 844817.

Learners aged 19 to 23 and aged 24 and over, who have already achieved at level 2, or above can undertake learning up to and including level 2 qualifications from the local flexibility offer.

Learners aged 24 and over who have not achieved a level 2 qualification can undertake learning up to and including level 2 qualifications from the local flexibility offer.

In order to qualify for funding under local flexibility, students must be in receipt of one of the following:

  • In receipt of Jobseekers allowance (JSA) including those receiving National Insurance credits only
  • In receipt of Employment and Support Allowance and am in the work-related activity group
  • In receipt of Universal Credit, my take home pay as recorded on my Universal credit statement

(disregarding benefits) is less than £345 a month (if sole benefit claim) or £552 a month (joint claim with partner)

  • In receipt of other state benefits and earn less than £345 a month (if sole benefit claim) or £552 a month

(joint claim with partner)


  • Employed and in receipt of a low wage under £18,525 annual gross salary

Further information click here or contact student services on 01229 844817


This is for learners aged 19+ in further education or training studying a second Level 3 and above. The loans are not means tested or credit checked and any individual who meets the criteria will be able to apply for a loan whether they’re employed or unemployed – the loan will then be paid directly to the college on your behalf.

For full details click here: Advanced Learner Loan: Overview – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) or contact Student Services on 01229 844817.

Finance for Adults

If you have any other questions, we will be pleased to help in Student Services. If we do not know the answer, we will help you find someone who does.

Please contact Student Services to find out more:
Please use the map to find directions how to reach us.

Apply Online Now

There are different financial arrangements for university education. You can obtain an application pack from March onwards each year for entry to a course in the following September. Please see our University Education page for more information.

You will normally be paid approximately £100 per week – some companies do pay more.

If you are receiving benefits, you may be able to continue claiming while you study but you should check, prior to starting your learning with:

Do I have to pay Council Tax?

If you are described as being on a “full programme of study” for the purposes of Council Tax, you can claim an exemption and should apply to your local authority. The College will send details of your course hours to the local authority.

If you are a young parent and want to return to, or continue with your learning, then C2L can cover the cost of your childcare and transport costs.

You can apply for C2L if you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • You will be under 20 years of age on the day your course starts
  • You are caring for your own child or children
  • You meet residency conditions
  • You are undertaking learning that receives some public funding
  • Your childcare provider is registered with Ofsted to ensure they meet certain safety and quality standards

Further information can be found on the designated website here or contact the Learner Support Helpline on 0800 121 8989

If you are having trouble meeting the costs of learning, the Learner Support Fund (LSF) may be able to help. You will need to provide details of your household income and the total household income must be approximately £28,500 or less.

Who can apply for the LSF?

  • You must be aged 16 or over
  • You must be studying a full time or part time course at the college
  • You must attend at least 90% of the time, unless there are exceptional circumstances and you are making satisfactory progress

What will it pay for?

  • Childcare costs (for Ofsted-registered childcare)*
  • Some travel costs*
  • Some essential course-related equipment, books, materials and field trips*
  • Some examination and registration fees*

Contact Student Services for further advice and information.

* Subject to Eligibility

This is a weekly payment for students who have a low household income. To check if you are eligible for this financial support please ask at student services for an application form. This form will explain what evidence will be needed as proof of household income. We would appreciate it if you could complete the form as soon as possible, however decisions on who will receive the financial support may not be made until September at the start of the college term or later depending on when your application was received. If you are eligible your payments will be back dated to the week your course started, provided you have full attendance. Payments are made directly into your bank account.

You can apply for this Adult Financial Support if:

  • your household income is at, or below, £28,500
  • your course will lead to your first full Level 2 or first Level 3 qualification or Access to University
  • you are studying full-time – at least 12 hours a week (equivalent to 450 hours of ‘guided learning’ a year, or 150 hours a term)
  • Part-time students can apply under certain circumstances

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