Planning your Future

Furness College’s aim is for all learners to secure a positive destination on completion of their qualification, into either higher education, employment or training. Find out more about the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) available to our students.

Click here to view our Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance Plan 2019-20.

Careers Advice

A member of our Student Services team is on hand to help with advice and guidance on the important future decisions you will need to make, including:

  • Employment and training opportunities
  • Further and Higher Education information and advice (UCAS information and information on financial support and funding for students)
  • Job-search skills (including CVs, interview preparation and mock interviews, which are available in leaflet form to take away)

We work closely with the National Careers Service which provides careers advice and information on a range of jobs, training courses and funding.

Applying to University

If you’re thinking of applying to university, our expert advisors will guide you every step of the way with one-to-one careers guidance appointments.

We can help with:

  • Visits to universities
  • Completing UCAS application forms and preparing for university interviews
  • Student finance and organising accommodation
  • Targeted support for students applying to study Medicine, Dentistry or Vet Medicine
  • Regular sessions for students applying to Oxbridge
  • Targeted support for students with additional needs to meet their individual requirements

Click here for a complete guide to applying to university – without the stress!

Click here for Furness College’s Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy.

University Open Days and Useful Webinars

Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Dr Stephen Quayle will be delivering a webinar about studying for a degree in Engineering at Lancaster.

This webinar will introduce you to current students and alumni, and will help you discover the different fields of Engineering and the diverse career prospects an Engineering degree can lead to.

Click here to register.

Chemistry Webinars

Here is a list of chemistry webinars delivered by lecturers at Lancaster University.

Brain Chemistry
A lecture from Professor Joe Sweeney, Head of Chemistry and Chair in Synthetic Chemistry, which will cover finding out how the shape and charge of small organic molecules is important in the brain.

Click here to register.

Biomaterials and Wound Healing

Non-healing wounds are a silent epidemic. They cost the NHS almost as much as heart disease and cancer. And yet we hardly hear about these wounds!

Click here to register.

An Atom’s Eye View

We spend a lot of our time in Chemistry learning about chemical structures – but how do we actually know these other than trusting what a textbook tells us?

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Find the full list of the chemistry lectures here.

Why Study Maths Webinar

Tuesday 24th November, 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Ever wondered what careers are available if you study Maths at university? Or what skills you will develop in your degree?
Find out where past students have gone on to work or where they have completed their placements, as well as other useful information on why you should study Maths at Lancaster.

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Live Q&A: Faculty of Science & Technology

Tuesday 8th December, 4.00pm – 5.30pm

From Engineering, to Mathematics, to Psychology; Lancaster University Science and Technology faculty covers a wide range of courses for your students to learn about, choose from and study. Staff and current students will be ready to answer any questions and offer helpful advice about the courses.
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Research in a Box

These free resources give your students the opportunity to learn through engaging activities or experience using research equipment through interactive practical sessions. The equipment and activities have been designed by our academics with the GCSE and A Level curriculums in mind, enabling you to teach the syllabus in a fun, exciting and innovative way.

Click here to see the STEM boxes.

This is the latest instalment of PwC’s Virtual Classroom – a virtual programme open to students between Years 10 and 13* focusing on racial equality, social mobility and gender equality. You’ll also have the chance to engage with a range of PwC ambassadors through the interactive live sessions, while having the flexibility to watch and listen to the recorded sessions at a time best suited to you each week.

See the times and dates here:

Thursday 26th November – The importance of social mobility- register here.

Thursday 3rd December – The importance of gender equality – register here.

Thursday 3rd December – The importance of diversity and inclusion – parent and teacher session – register here.

Sign up here.

For students looking to go to uni whilst starting their career

Our Flying Start degree programmes in Accounting or Technology offer the best of both worlds. Studying at university, students will get to experience the full-time student lifestyle but with integrated paid placements at PwC, they’ll have some money to enjoy it too. They’ll gain a degree, and hopefully impress us enough to secure a graduate job with us after they graduate.

Developing Employability Skills

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest instalment of PwC’s Virtual Classroom – a virtual programme open to students between Years 10 and 13* focusing on racial equality, social mobility and gender equality. Students will also have the chance to engage with a range of PwC ambassadors through the interactive live sessions, while having the flexibility to watch and listen to the recorded sessions at a time best suited to them each week. Students can sign up to the virtual sessions click here.

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Sign up to the Subject Discovery webinars here.

The webinars are aimed at students in Years 11 and 12 as they start to think about what subjects to apply for at university and they can now sign up via the shiny new Webinars tool on their student homepage.

There are over 30 expert speakers confirmed including:

  • Prof. Carl Gombrich, Director of Teaching and Learning at the London Interdisciplinary school
  • Dr. Christopher Nordstrom, Co-founder of The Medic Portal
  • Dr. Ellie Ratcliffe, Lecturer in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey

Find out more here.

Upcoming Webinars

Unifrog Webinar

You can join these webinars on the student homepage.

Guaranteed offer at Salford Business School
For 2021 entry Salford Business School is guaranteeing an offer of a place to all those applying to an undergraduate programme within the School. We will also be offering additional study sessions in the run up to exams next year to help ensure that students are well prepared for assessments and exams
The guaranteed offer is open to all students that apply to subjects within Salford Business School and applications can be made via UCAS until 15 January 2021. Full details of the Scheme

Salford Academic Lecture
On Tuesday 24 November our Criminology and Sociology teams are delivering a 30-minute talk on ‘The Social Consequences of Coronavirus’ This session provides an insight into a fascinating area within Sociology and Criminology and will enable your students to hear our academic staff delivering a lecture.

The Coronavirus pandemic has altered our everyday lives in fundamental ways and affected all parts of society in some way. While not only posing a serious risk to people’s health, social distancing measures and lockdowns initiated in response have had severe impacts upon social interaction, family life, education, employment, crime, and the economy – in this session we explore these issues and what we can do to address them.

Book a place: Tuesday 24 November (3.30pm – 4.00pm) – The Social Consequences of Coronavirus: Social Life Under the Pandemic

Applicant Support Sessions
Our Applicant Support Sessions for November and December will be covering topics including personal statements and student finance. Sessions are scheduled between 5-6pm and provide a great opportunity for those considering applying to gain some insight and ask any questions they may have. Book onto our upcoming events

Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition in Today’s World
Have you ever wondered how athletes are helped to recover from their injuries and to return to competition, and how they are supported to reach their optimum training and performance?
Are you interested in how nutrition and exercise can promote good health and be used to treat chronic medical conditions?
Join us for a dynamic session to explore these issues and discover how these studies can be transferred into an ever-expanding and vibrant job market!

Date: Thursday 3rd December
Start Time: 4:00pm (45 min duration)
There is no need to book, simply add the date to your diary and watch the live presentation here: (or click here: https://eu.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/guest/58dc9d66f2354ac4af33eaf7b26a200a)
We recommend using Chrome browser if you’re using a computer.

Student Journey links

‘Our Offer’ to you
We have created a range of presentations and workshops that we can deliver in your school or college both virtually and in person. List of opportunities here. All session timings are bespoke to the individual school or college. If you think of something not on the list, get in touch with your regional officer here to discuss what we can do.

Sheffield UCAS Support
Following a successful October open day, our team will be hosting a number of drop in sessions to support students with their applications to university. Subjects include;

•Personal Statement Support
•Benefits of a Russell Group University
•Choosing Your Course and University.

The drop in sessions will be led by our specialist recruitment team, who will also be available afterwards to answer questions about Sheffield or the application process. You can also access this content on demand and ask our team any questions.

Sessions will be held every Wednesday to 14 Jan 2021 (excluding the Christmas break).

Taster sessions
Our online taster sessions help Year 13 students experience what it is like to study at the University of Sheffield. We have a number of online taster sessions available to book including Animal and Plant Sciences, Chemistry, English, Languages, Maths, Physics and many more. To book these sessions click here.

Virtual Schools Hub
Given virtual is the new normal for everyone, we have a Virtual Schools Hub with pages that are designed for you to access up-to-date resources, transition support, department resources, and key advice. These pages have recently been updated with access to information for parents, faculty resources and our on-demand transition resources.

Chat to Staff and Current Students
Our student ambassadors and staff are the best people to tell you about what studying at Sheffield is like. Start a conversation or search for their answers to your questions. Chat to us here.

Applying to University – Support Series
We have a programme of events running from now until the Christmas break which are designed to support your students during their application journey. You can find the full list of events on the attached document or visit the teachers pages to book.
These sessions are appropriate for students wanting to find out more about university, but will also be beneficial for teachers, parents and carers who are supporting students on their journey.

Knowledge Network
We are hosting our next Knowledge Network session on Wednesday 25th November, 4pm – 5pm. This month we will be joined by Dr Cat O’Neill who will be discussing young people’s mental health, the key issues and what we can do to support them.
Register here.

Digital assets
We have included a selection of digital assets for you to use. We hope you are able to display these on your digital screens or student portals as you feel appropriate. These assets highlight our range of transition and progression events and opportunities that may be of interest to you and your students.

Subject specific online taster sessions
We have a range of taster sessions for students running across many subjects, including education, health and business. You can find more information on the website here.

Virtual Undergraduate Open Day – Friday 27th November

The University of Edinburgh is delighted to invite prospective students and teachers/advisers to our Virtual Open Day on Friday 27th November. Whilst we would have loved to welcome visitors on-campus in Edinburgh, we are confident that this virtual alternative will be a great opportunity to introduce our University.

Staff and students from our subject areas and services will be available to chat to you and answer your questions between 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm, with representatives from areas like admissions and accommodation (and some subject areas and services) available at all times during the duration of the event which is 10am to 4pm.

Prospective students and teachers/advisers who register for the Virtual Open Day will be able to access ‘on demand’ content including presentations (such as sample lectures) and lots of other resources. This material will be available for 4 weeks after the event on Friday, giving students and teachers the opportunity to access and benefit from the on-demand materials even if they can’t attend on the day.

Click here to register.

Sport Coaching – Are champions born or made?
Date: Tuesday 1st December
Time: 12:00-12:50
Description: This session will look at the concept of ‘talent’ and whether or not this actually exists. Are we destined for greatness or do coaches hold the key to unlock ability and sporting success?
Sign-up here.

English Literature – Offensive Shakespeare
Date: Thursday 3rd December
Time: 12:00-13:00
Description: Is Shakespeare just a dry school subject, or is he relevant to our lives today? This session answers this question by looking at Shakespeare’s power to offend, both in his own time and now. It explores the ways in which Shakespeare approaches the issue of offence in his drama, as well as recent instances when Shakespearean performances caused offence among modern audiences. It suggests that engaging with Shakespeare in this way can help us deal with crucial problems of our time: racism, sexism, social injustice, and more.
Sign up here.

Maths – Complex, not so complex!
Date: Friday 4th December
Time: 12:00-13:00
Description: The world of real numbers is very well known to every math pupil. All basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and taking limits, lead to the development of calculus. However, one operation fails: taking roots of negative numbers escapes the realm of real numbers!
In this workshop, we will see how introducing an imaginary axis provides a much more consistent approach to working with numbers and functions, and gives new means for understanding basic facts such as “a polynomial of degree n has n roots”. We will also look at some powerful applications.
Sign up here.

Music – Page to performance
Date: Thursday 10th December
Time: 12:30-13:00
Description: Have you ever thought about the sheet music you are playing from? Whether you are playing from a jazz lead sheet or from the score of a Mozart sonata, what connection is there between the notes that you see and the composer? This session will introduce you to musical sources and the world of editing and publication, as well as looking at the relationship between musical texts and what is actually played.
Sign up here.

English Language and Linguistics – World Englishes (A Review and Reflect Session)
Date: Friday 11th December
Time: 12:00-13:00
Description: In this session, we will review and take forward issues and debates surrounding World Englishes. As ever-increasing numbers of people around the world are using English in new and varied ways, we will establish a broad picture of World Englishes, linking it to relevant linguistic and sociolinguistic concepts, and asking key questions about English now… and in the future.
Sign up here.

English Literature – From Austen to Austenland: Representing the Regency (LIMITED SPACES)
Date: Recorded session followed by a live seminar session in early 2021 (date tbc)
Time: See above
Description: Regency has come to be represented in popular culture as the lost and last age of romance and elegance, partly the result of enhanced connections being made between Austen and the heritage industries in modern adaptations. This talk examines representations of the Regency in literature and film.
Sign up here.

English Literature – Money, Modernity and the American Dream in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925) (LIMITED SPACES)
Date: Recorded session followed by a live seminar session in early 2021 (date tbc)
Time: See above
Description: F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife were the golden couple of the Roaring Twenties, enjoying the economic boom that the US experienced after the First World War. Yet The Great Gatsby is principally a novel about failure. The hero – Gatsby – is, socially, not really ‘great’ at all, as his near empty funeral attests. However, Fitzgerald points to the ‘colossal vitality’ of Gatsby’s ability to dream as the thing of most value in a materialistic age, and he identifies the human potential to dream and store up all sorts of impossibilities in one’s ‘ghostly heart’ as the source of true success.
Sign up here.

Online Q&A sessions for high school and college students

We would like to invite your students to join us for a new series of live web chats. Starting this month, we will be hosting fortnightly sessions, focusing on: Personal statement support; Choosing a course and university; Preparing for university interviews; and Student life.
Further information and how to book onto a session can be found on our website: www.leeds.ac.uk/schools-livechat.

Book a virtual HE talk or workshop 

We hope it won’t be too long until we are once again delivering our on-campus and in-school events.  In the meantime we are delivering a programme of live online talks and workshops.  If you would like to book an activity, please email the Education Outreach Team.

Virtually explore the Leeds campus 

Although campus tours cannot take place at the moment, prospective students can now explore our campus from the comfort of their own home.  Visit our 360 virtual campus tour website to discover our academic facilities, student accommodation and amenities.  To be notified when our physical visit days do resume, please register your details.

Public lecture for maths and physics students

Join our live public lecture An Elementary Derivation of Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion which takes place on Saturday 12 December at 1:00pm.   The session will demonstrate an easy-to-follow derivation of Kepler’s laws using a geometric perspective and is suitable for KS3 students and their teachers.  To attend the lecture, please visit our YouTube channel.

December Virtual Open Days and on-demand access
We have extended our series of live Virtual Open Days into the month of December, so that you have more time to find out about Manchester Met and our courses. Our Virtual Open Days are grouped by course areas:

• Saturday 28 November – if you enjoy science, engineering or anything sports-related then this is the day for you.
• Saturday 28 November – courses for Manchester School of Art (MSoA), School of Digital Arts (SODA) and Manchester School of Theatre take centre stage.
• Friday 11 December – if your heart belongs to health, psychology, education or you have a hunger for nutrition then join us.
• Saturday 12 December – discover the world of opportunity you’ll be presented with by studying business or law.
• Thursday 17 December – explore all things humanities, languages or social sciences and Fashion.

All our live Virtual Open Days include subject presentations, subject areas packed with videos and downloadable resources, and virtual tours, so you can still access plenty of information regardless of your course of interest.

You can find further information and book here: www.mmu.ac.uk/openday

If you are unable to make a Virtual Open Day, you can still access plenty of information on-demand. Visit www.mmu.ac.uk/study/open-days/undergraduate/your-open-day-home, our dedicated webpage is now live.

Care Leaver Virtual Information Support Day

Our Virtual Care Leaver Information Support Day for students from Care Experienced backgrounds will take place on Wednesday 2nd December from 9:00am – 1:00pm. The event will support your transition into university and will help you to find out about the support that is available to you during your studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. The day will consist of a range of different sessions including: Choosing a Course, Student Finance, University Life and Independent Living, and Mindfulness and Wellbeing.

To find out more and to book your place, please contact Ivan Hay by emailing I.Hay@mmu.ac.uk

School of Digital Arts Virtual Roadshow for Year 12 and Year 13

Our School of Digital Arts (SODA) is an interdisciplinary school at Manchester Metropolitan University – a £35m investment into the workspaces, facilities, networks, teaching and research that will drive the next generation of creative content. This interdisciplinary purpose-built school will use cutting edge technology to drive innovation across all creative subjects at one of the UK’s leading universities.

Join us for a virtual interactive session, where you will get to hear all about the School of Digital Arts and meet some of our tutors. We have courses in Animation, Film, Photography, Games, Future Media Production, Sound and Web/UX along with a Foundation Year. We want to hear from you and about your interests and passions and we’ll be there to tell you about our courses and answer any questions you or your students may have. You will get an insight into how courses will run and what it is like to study at SODA.

We will be running sessions across three dates:
Monday 30th November (12pm-1pm)
Wednesday 2nd December (2pm-3pm)
Friday 4th December (12pm-1pm)

Please use this link to register for our virtual event via Eventbrite.

Digital Portfolio Guidance

Are you applying to a course at our Manchester School of Art? Check out our new short video with top tips from lecturers to help you prepare your digital portfolio. You can also visit our website to find out more about the courses that require portfolios and the portfolio requirements for each subject area. Make yours stand out!

Supported Audition Scheme

Are you considering progressing to drama school? Our Manchester School of Theatre are offering a ‘Supported Audition Scheme’, a short mentoring project for post-16 students to help your progression. The scheme will take place on the week beginning 7th December and involves an invitation to an online audition workshop with David Salter, Head of the Drama School, advice and guidance from a personal mentor and a free token for MST performances or access to digital performances. We are particularly seeking participants whose backgrounds are underrepresented in drama schools.

Who is eligible for the scheme? All post-16 students who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Qualify for Free School Meals
  • Have a home postcode which is classified as Quintile 1 or Quintile 2 in the POLAR4 data (click here for more information)
  • Black, Asian or from any other minority ethnic group
  • In care, a recent care leaver, or estranged from family
  • Have a disability

You are encouraged to apply directly to the scheme here before the deadline on Friday 27th November. For more information and if you have any questions, please email schoolsoutreach@mmu.ac.uk.


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