Sixth Form Trust Fund


The Charity
Barrow Sixth Form College Trust Fund was formed under a scheme dated 18 June 2013 from earlier trusts under the control of Barrow in Furness Sixth Form College. The earlier trusts had all been created to support the learning of young people either at Barrow Schools or the college. Five additional trusts remain individual charities as they were not able to be merged as directed by the Charity Commission at the time. They are managed by the same trustee group and have their own distinct (but similar) objectives.

The objective of the trust fund is to further the education of pupils attending the College by the award of prizes (or other suitable reward and scholarships or grants for further education tenable at any college of further education, university or other institution of further education [including professional and technical education] approved by the trustees).

The Charity’s registered charity number is 1077340.

The Board
The Board of Trustees consists of individuals who are passionate about the development and progression of students. These are:

Andrew Wren (Chair), Principal and Chief Executive of Furness College
Jan Fielding, Governor and Vice Chair of the Board of Governors at Furness College
John Smith, External Member
Helen Rastelli, Furness College Staff Member (Sixth Form Campus)
Vacancy – to be confirmed

The Individual Trusts
The charity has the responsibility of managing the overall College Trust Fund which incorporates a number of specific prizes which are awarded to students in given disciplines. These are:

  • Martin Longstaffe Memorial Prize;
  • Philip Geddes Memorial Prize;
  • Sharon Lamb Memorial Prize;
  • David Cole Memorial Prize;
  • Dan Logan Memorial Prize;
  • William Rollinson Memorial Prize;
  • Derrick Gould Memorial Prize;
  • Elizabeth Mauchline Roberts Prize.

In addition, the charity has the responsibility of managing a number of individual trusts:

  • Whinnerah Memorial Fund;
  • McCullough Exhibition Fund including the McCullough Scholarship Fund;
  • Robert Pickin Memorial Fund;
  • Earnest Priest Foundation;
  • Murial Auld Fund.

Currently, the Charity provides prizes of up to £1000 for students who have completed their studies and excelled in their chosen fields. The prizes are awarded at an annual ceremony, held at the Sixth Form Campus, and have been proven to have a tangible, positive impact on the lives of recipients. The Board is currently considering additional ways in which it can support students to ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential and aspirations.

The Beneficiary Scheme can be viewed here.

Further Information
Information about the Charity can be found here on the Charity Commission website. Also available are minutes of meetings and financial summary reports.

It is worth noting that in 2017-2018, the charity moved from traditional accounting to cash basis accounting which is more suitable for smaller organisations and which resulted in lower reported expenditure during the financial year. This will reflect more accurately in the accounts for 2018-2019.

Should you wish to become involved in the Charity, or if you would like further information, please contact us.


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