The Lockdown Hub website

Website helps students impress future employers

A new website to help students develop skills that will impress future employers as the world adapts to the global pandemic has been launched.

The Lockdown Hub www.lockdown-hub.com is a joint venture between Furness College Students’ Union and Furness College with the support of Hello Future.

It combines a wide variety of resources from welfare resources through to online games/activities to help students stay active and build confidence.

Liam Edgley, student liaison officer, said the lockdown hub was created to help students of all ages develop resilience at a time when they may be at home for long periods.

“In the future (we don’t want to put any fix time period on it) young people could well be asked in interviews ‘what did you do during lockdown?’.

“We don’t want to see any students disadvantaged by lack of opportunities, so we developed this hub to help students from all backgrounds access resources and create a level playing field for students in interviews in the future.

“We provide students with a variety of resources to help them learn new skills, access welfare resources, stay connected with their friends, and ultimately get involved with cool, new projects.”

The website currently features practical and everyday skills such as how to change a tyre or write a CV alongside mental health resources and staying – or getting – active. There’s also a gaming society you can join ranging from online video challenges, to virtual escape room ideas.

Hello Future is an organisation that provides advice to young people in Cumbria with support to make key decisions.

Mike Siddall, Partner Outreach Manager at Hello Future, said: “Inspired by the period of lockdown, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent school and college closures, the Lockdown Hub gives young people another platform to develop skills to support their educational and career progression.

“This aligns closely with Hello Futures role in supporting educational progression in Cumbria. We look forward to seeing how the site is developed in terms of content and reach, through the engagement other Cumbrian Colleges.”

Liam said the founders are still looking for students to contribute content as well as use the site and take part and there are prizes up for grabs.

If you think you can add a skill or some knowledge to the website then get in touch on liam.edgley@furness.ac.uk.

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