Megan Skyrme

National Careers Week – Megan Skyrme

Megan Skyrme is using her apprenticeship to build an exciting career at BAE Systems in Barrow.

The 17-year-old says she was inspired to follow in her older sister’s footsteps and take on a Mechanical Fitter apprenticeship.

After leaving school, Megan was keen to experience a working environment while continuing to study, making an apprenticeship the perfect choice for her.

She says: “I have loved the opportunities and experiences that have come my way through my apprenticeship.

“I have also loved learning and building my skills that I can use for the rest of my life. I strongly believe that an apprenticeship is one of the best ways to learn as well as experience the working environment.

“My apprenticeship has also allowed me to meet new people and share my knowledge in a team of others, this has progressed to create amazing bonds and friendships with my fellow employees.”

Through her apprenticeship, Megan has honed a number of key employability skills that she hopes will help her to progress in the business in future.

She says: “I have learnt so much from a practical point of view. My apprenticeship is helping me to build my future by giving the foundations to a great career in mechanical engineering.

“I have also worked on my own personal skills. My apprenticeship has given me the confidence to speak to different people and perform to my best ability, and it has also given me the chance to focus on teamwork and helping others I work alongside.”

Megan is grateful to those who have supported her on her apprentice journey, and is keen to give back to the business in future.

She says: “I would like to thank my employer for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to have training and knowledge that can be used in the future of my career.

“I would also like to give thanks to my fellow employees that I work alongside as they have given me the confidence and motivation to come out of my comfort zone and gain a better experience.

“In the future, roles such as team leader and skills coach really appeal to me and they would allow me to share all the skills I have gained over the years and help those who are new to the business.”

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