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A Level Mathematics

A Level Mathematics

Having enjoyed Mathematics at school, you will be eager to learn more. You will relish the chance to solve problems using mathematical equations. Comfortable with algebra, you will build on this with the addition of calculus and in depth study into core mathematical subjects.

Course Content

A Level Mathematics consists of three key strands: Pure, Mechanics and Statistics. These sections build upon integral methodologies introduced during GCSE including algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Students will be assessed at the end of the two year course on all three strands with the Pure Mathematical content forming 67% of the final examination whilst the other strands comprise the remaining 33%.

Entry Requirements

What are the entry requirements?

To study mathematics at this level, you will need to have a grade 6 or better in GCSE mathematics, in addition to the general entry requirements.


What opportunities will this lead to?

A Level Mathematics is widely regarded as a strong A Level discipline and forms part of the requisite A Level entry requirements for many degree courses. A Level Mathematics will enable students to progress on to further education in scientific and engineering fields. The inclusion of an A Level in Further Mathematics offers opportunities into careers where more in depth Mathematics knowledge is required, such as Computer Science, Statistics and Economics.

Student Profile
Brandon Yung

"I like the fact there is more freedom here. Some days I finish my lessons at 12pm and a lot of my studying is done in the Learning Hub at college."

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