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A Level Film Studies

A Level Film Studies

Do you love film and the cinema, as well as being interested in film as an artform and as an industry? Interested in more than just mainstream movies, extending to different periods and national origins as well as different forms and styles? If so, A Level Film Studies is the course for you.

Course Content

Course Aims

Film Studies explores how meaning is made, and emotion conveyed, through the analysis of film language and the production of your own creative practical work. There will be an opportunity to write a screenplay or produce a short film/film sequence in video format as part of your practical coursework.

Students will be studying some of the great films both old and new from the UK and around the world, from classics like Casablanca and Blade Runner to modern classics like Pulp Fiction, Winter’s Bone, Trainspotting and This is England. We will look at European films such as Pan’s Labyrinth, as well as short animated films such as The Wrong Trousers.

Lessons involve a variety of teaching methods and learning activities, including pair and group work, discussion and independent research and filmmaking.

Entry Requirements

What are the entry requirements?

To study film studies at A level you must meet the general entry requirements. You should a have a sizeable written coursework component (up to 2000 words).


What opportunities will this lead to?

Film Studies prepares you well for a range of arts and humanities-related degree choices and offers a broad range of career opportunities.

Use this handy tool to find out more about potential careers after A Levels.

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