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  • Furness College achieves quality mark for its higher education provision after successful QAA review

  • The QAA Higher Education Review... the higher education equivalent to an Ofsted inspection and Furness College had its latest review in February 2016. We think the results were excellent and we're very proud to share them with you.

  • 4 Key areas of good practice

    The pulling of data from many sources informs broad action plans, aligned to internal and external targets.

    The effective bond between the College and stakeholders enables us to make timely adjustments to the curriculum.

    The strategic approach allows stakeholders to work together to detect and develop mutually beneficial enhancement opportunities.

    The culture of enhancement that pervades all aspects of College provision.

  • Key Findings:

    The College effectively manages its duties and sustains academic standards, in union with the degree-awarding body and organisation.

    The College is a major player in local economic growth, proactively seeking enhancement opportunities.

    Professional skills development via work-based learning is the focus, with students supported by tutors and workplace supervisors.

    Enhancement is deeply rooted within the College and all stakeholders have a voice in the process.

  • What it means for Employers

    Employers praise the College’s efforts in securing and monitoring work experience/placements with them.

    Employment and employability run through our curriculum, supporting the development of employment opportunities and student employability skills.

    The mutual partnership between the College and employers, with shared objectives and common desire helps students progress.

  • What it means for our students

    Students feel teaching is relevant, and that tutor experience is used effectively to make subject areas relevant.

    Student feedback shows they believe their Furness College learning experience has increased their employability and employment prospects.

    Students say there is a strong listening culture within the College, with quick responses to issues raised.

    Students praise the effective management of work experience and work placements offered and supported by the College.

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