Colin Nash

Apprentices shape the future of the business at Siemens Energy Subsea

Apprentices bring several benefits to businesses, including a fresh perspective with new and exciting ideas.

Colin Nash, Learning and Development Advisor at Siemens Energy Subsea, tells us that the organisation is keen to train and retain apprentices to help shape the future of the business.

He says: “We bring in new apprentices who come with their own ideas and questions in mind.

“We encourage young people with questioning minds who ask and show us that they’re interested.

“Apprentices will sometimes ask us why we do things a certain way, and we are more than happy as it’s good to be challenged, particularly as technology continues to move forward.”

Siemens Energy Subsea is moving towards digitalisation, so apprentices with skills including technology will play a key role in the future of the business.

Colin says: “We train our apprentices in our methods and to our high standards which gives them certain skills and techniques, but we’re still looking for their ideas and input as they’re a real bonus to the business.”

Siemens Energy Subsea currently has 24 apprentices, who study Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering and IT, and helps them to find the best fit for their future careers by looking to give them experience in many different areas of the business where it can be applied.

Colin says: “Rotation is a key element for us, where we can apply it, for apprentices.  We don’t always know which path they’re going to take, so we try to give our apprentices different options which helps make them more adaptable and gives the apprenticeships greater flexibility.

“We have a good relationship with Furness College as we share the same goals of having well-rounded, successful apprentices. We can give them a good experience in the workplace, but it’s also important to entrench the knowledge of their role.

“For those who are interested, we’ve also had a number of apprentices achieve success at internal and national awards ceremonies and events.

“It’s a brilliant experience for them to meet new people at all different levels. It really expands their view and shows them all of the amazing opportunities and experiences that are out there for them.”

Siemens Energy Subsea is currently recruiting four Mechanical Engineering apprentices (closing date: 12th February).

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