GCSE English

There have been many changes in the Education sector and far greater emphasis is now paid to maths and English.

The Government recently introduced study programmes. A core principle of study programmes is that any student who has not achieved grade 4/5 or grade A* to C or above in maths and/or English GCSE, by age 16, must continue to work towards achieving these qualifications. Therefore, every full-time learner aged 16 -19 years old who undertakes a programme of study at Furness College will continue with maths and English, either on discrete maths and English courses or embedded within their curriculum.

The most important thing you can do to support your success in English, at any level, is to read for twenty minutes every day. Anything that is written well, in full sentences and paragraphs, will improve your reading stamina and skills. This might include:

• Books – fiction or non-fiction
• Magazines – physical or on-line
• Newspapers – physical or on-line
• Web Articles
• Blogs

If you don’t have access to physical books at home, there are some places on-line where you can download and read books for free, such as:

• Amazon Kindle – download the app to your phone, computer or tablet and you will find lots of books available for free (although some do need to be purchased)
• Project Gutenburg – they have over 61,000 books available on-line to download for free
• ManyBooks – a website with free classics and also some new, modern authors

We offer GCSE English Language with AQA. A link to their website with resources is here;

GCSE English Language

GCSE English Bitesize

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