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Recommended Tasks for students applying to study OCR Level 3 Cambridge Sport

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificate Sport

Introduction about course and links to prior learning:

When preparing to study Sport at Level 3 you will use knowledge from (a range of subjects that you studied at GCSE along with your personal experiences of sport). You may use knowledge from current affairs e.g. documentaries you have watched.

The information below are tasks designed to prepare you for this course and to help you confirm that this course is for you.

About this course:

This Certificate course is taught over 2 units.

Unit 1: Body Systems and effects of Physical Activity is assessed by an exam, the exam may be in January 2021.

Unit 2 : Sports Coaching and Activity leadership is assessed through a portfolio of evidence





Unit 1 Body Systems and effects of Physical Activity

To get ahead for this unit you could use your learning from GCSE Science to produce a series of notes about:

The structures of the heart including: atria, ventricles, bicuspid and tricuspid valves, pulmonary and aortic valves, aorta, venae cavae, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein.
You should be able to identify these structures on a diagram and be able to use your knowledge about them to explain things such as how valves ensure that blood only flows through the human heart in one direction.

Arteries, capillaries and veins. On this course you will compare their structure and look in more detail at their role in the transport of substances to muscles.

Suggested research:

Find out what cardiac output is and think about what information you would need to calculate it. Why is this a useful measurement in Sport?

You could measure your pulse (beats per minute/ bpm) at rest and after activity.   After activity you could time how long it takes to return to the resting value. You could think about how this is different for trained and untrained individuals?


Unit 2 Sports Coaching and Activity leadership
To prepare for starting you portfolio of evidence for this unit you could start the following research task:

Identify a coach or leader in any sporting discipline. Prepare a description of their coaching activities and describe their achievements as an individual or as part of a team.

Think about the way they use communication skills within their role.

Think about how they have established relationships with the team/individuals that they lead or coach

Why are they an expert in this sporting discipline? e.g. what they do in the early days of their career

·What are the other important skills that they bring to their role? e.g. time management, planning global travel and sourcing specialist support e.g. physio or experts in altitude training

e.g.         Marcelo Bielsa                   Leeds United FC Coach

Eddie Jones                        Coach of England Rugby Union Coach

Tony Minichiello               Coaches Jessica Ennis-Hill – heptathlete

Jill Ellis                                   Coach of USA national soccer team coach (women)

Lisa Keightley                    Head coach of England Cricket Team (women)



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