CTEC Performing Arts

Whether you are an actor, a dancer, a musician or a technician, the Cambridge Technical in Performing Arts has something to offer you. Students enjoy considerable success with many continuing their studies at university. Others progress to university where the communication and cooperation skills are seen as valuable commodities. Whatever your future plans, success in the Cambridge Technical in Performing Arts can open doors to the world.

Assessment is a combination of internal assessment by your teachers and external marking. External work is practical focused and there are no formal written exams in Performing Arts.

Watching ‘Live’ Performance

It is essential that you have a broad knowledge of the subject and the material that you may cover during the course. Watching live theatre performances is a great way of seeing what can be achieved in the world of theatre. At the moment a range of theatre companies are putting their work online for students to access free of charge. These include:




Try watching some of these productions. Maybe you could make some notes about the actors performances, how they make use of technology, or the style of the productions themselves.

Reading Plays

Try using Amazon to search for plays that are free to read download and read. Some examples are:

‘Shakespeare free kindle books’

‘Oscar Wilde free kindle books’

What about other playwrights that you may have come across from your studies in English or drama?


A number of past performances from school or college groups can be found on YouTube. Try searching for specific playwrights, or look up the titles of some of their works first. The following may be a useful starting point.

Jim Cartwright

Claire Dowie

John Godber

Sarah Kane

And for something a little different, take a look at this:


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