CTEC Business

CTEC Business Level 3 Tasks

The first unit of this course is called the business environment. You will develop a strong understanding of the business world, it’s different sectors and different forms of ownership.

Therefore completing the tasks below will really help prepare you for study.

Task One

Visit https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/companies-house .

Companies House will tell you what type of ownership a business has registered itself as.

Choose four different businesses and see if you can find out what type of business they are registered as.

Task Two

Can you find clear definitions for the following terms;

  • Private Limited Company.
  • Public Limited Company.
  • Sole Trader.
  • Franchise.

Task Three

Do some research in to businesses that have ceased trading recently. What was the reason/s for the business failing?

Was it due to Covid 19 and lockdown restrictions, or was the business already struggling before the Pandemic?

Task Four

If you have a part time job, do some research in to the business. What type of business are they registered as? How many staff members do the employ? How many years have they been trading for and who is their main competitors? Using your part time employment can be a really useful example throughout this course.

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