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Digital is taking over, with the demand for computing professionals stronger than it’s ever been. Do you know what it takes to be a computer networker or do you dream of a career as a games developer? Try out our tasks below.

Please bring your completed work to your first lesson.


This will give students some basic skills in networking.

Self-paced, free and all resources are available at this link.

Project Management

This will give students an introduction to project management.

Self-paced resources are available at this link.

Computing Programming & Games Development Work

Section 1

  1. In a few sentences, explain what you think is meant by the term “programming” and tell me about any languages you have used and IDEs you have used.
  2. Tell me what we mean by the term object-oriented language and give some examples.
  3. On which of the below do C# applications run on?
    a) Only on Linux
    b) Using Java
    c) On the .Net Framework
  4.  Explain below in a few sentences what is meant by the .NET Framework?
  5. Which of the following is not part of the .NET Framework?
    a) Common Language Runtime
    b) .Net FrameWork Class Library
    c) Operation System

End of Section 1 exercise:

Download the Microsoft Visual Studio community edition (free) and follow the following steps to write your own first C# program. Make sure to take some screenshots of your code and the output below as evidence of your work.

Follow the steps here to create your first Hello World program in C#.

Section 2







Introduction to C# variables:

  • Programs typically use data to perform tasks.
  • Creating a variable reserves a memory location, or a space in memory, for storing values.
  • It is called variable because the information stored in that location can be changed when the program is running.
  • To use a variable, it must first be declared by specifying the name and data type.
  • A variable name, also called an identifier, can contain letters, numbers and the underscore character (_) and must start with a letter or underscore.
  • Although the name of a variable can be any set of letters and numbers, the best identifier is descriptive of the data it will contain.
  • This is very important in order to create clear, understandable and readable code!
  1. Which is a valid C# variable name?
    a) Bad_Var
    b) #PersonName#
    c) 1Star

Introduction to C# variable data types:

  • A data type defines the information that can be stored in a variable, the size of needed memory and the operations that can be performed with the variable.
  • For example, to store an integer value (a whole number) in a variable, use the int keyword:

End of Section 2 exercise:

If you have downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio community edition (free), try to write your own C# program that provides a solution for the client below. Make sure to take some screenshots of your code and the output below as evidence of your work.

Client specification for the program they want you to develop is below:

The client wants you to design a simple program that takes the scores of the player within a game and calculates the average score.  The most efficient and well written solution will receive a prize!

  1. First the program must prompt the user for input.  The program must store 3 scores.  (For a more efficient and well written program try to research ways of preventing your program crashing if the user enters for example letters instead of a number).
  2. Calculate the average score.
  3. Output the average score to the user
  4. For a stretch and challenge task: display whether the user has achieved gold, silver or bronze rating.  (0-59 = bronze, 60-69 = silver and 70-100 = gold).

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