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Introduction to the hair and beauty sector

Career opportunities in Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Nail Services and Hair and Media Make-up

The opportunities for working in the hair and beauty industry do not just stop at salons in the high street or in a residential area; there are a lot more opportunities available.

Consider the following opportunities and make notes below on what would be like to work in different environments

  1. Hairdressing or beauty salons and nail bars – this can be in any country 
  2. Barbers – this can be in any country 
  3. Hairdressing or Beauty/Spa Salons within hotels – this can be in any country 
  4. Hairdressing salons or Spas inside health farms, or sports/leisure centres 
  5. Hairdressing or Make-up within the film, television, or theatre industry 
  6. Hairdressing or Make-up in the fashion / photographic industry  
  7. Any others you can think of?

 Types of Salons

There are various types of salons in operation from a small one-person salon often referred to as ‘sole trader’ to a large corporation that may employ hundreds or thousands.

Consider the following salons and make notes on advantages and disadvantages in the spaces below

Sole trader – one person salon




Partnership salon





Large corporation





Franchise salon





Any other types of salons that may be operating:


Career development

Career development is an important part of progressing to your desired career goal

For this next task you are asked to research training and development opportunities and make notes in the table below



Opportunities they offer Contact details to find out more information


  Awarding body, or habia





Awarding Bodies

  VTCT website:


City & Guilds website:




Education and training

  Inspira, colleges, training providers, manufacturers, habia





Industry lead bodies

  Hairdressing and beauty industry authority – habia








Training providers



Learning and Skills Council (LSC)





  Inspira (refer to your local office)





 Presenting a professional image in a salon – Personal image

 First impressions are important and our appearance forms part of that first impression. Depending on the salon’s image to what may be suitable dress, some salons have a uniform or dress code.

Create an ideal image for you, if you could choose what would you like to wear?


Presenting a professional image in a salon – Hand and nail care

In hairdressing and beauty professions we use our hands all the time, so they are always on show. Because of this, our hands and nails form part of our personal image therefore, it is important to ensure they are looked after and presented well (do you ever look at someone’s hands when handing money over and wonder when they last washed them!).


Hands must be kept clean at all times; otherwise you could risk spreading infection.

Make notes below on the following:

Attending to cuts and abrasions 


Looking after dry or rough hands: 


Helping to avoid dermatitis:  Nails should be clean, manicured and not too long as they will scratch the customer and dirt may collect under them. If you bite your nails they will not present an acceptable image for hairdressing or beauty, you need to try and stop! Draw one image for each of the correct workable length for nails to be maintained when working in:


  • What sort of impression would you have if a nurse attended to you with nails bitten so short their fingers bled?
  • Nails
  • Hairdressing salon
  • Beauty salon
  • Nail salon
  • Media Make-up studio



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