A Level Politics

Getting a head start in POLITICS

Politics teachers at Furness College will provide a variety of materials for aspiring students of Politics to work on between now and what we hope will be the start of a new academic year in September 2020.

Students who have already expressed an interest in Politics A Level, and any others who are just interested in Politics, are welcome to take part in the activities, quizzes, arguments, debates and competitions which will be posted throughout the coming months.

To take part, students need to visit our website – histpology.co.uk (the site has a secure SSL certificate) – and look for the ‘MOVING ON UP’ pages in the Politics section.

The ‘MOVING ON UP’ pages directs students to

  • Specific and challenging things to read about current political issues
  • Specific (and often funny) things to watch about politics and politicians
  • Links to a wide-range of excellent political podcasts
  • Ideas for thinking, arguing and writing about Politics

Our first competition (submissions by email) challenges students to think around the arguments FOR and AGAINST their own age group being given the vote RIGHT NOW. Teachers will post a summary of the views online – all anonymised, of course.

Staff are happy to be contacted by email:

Caroline – caroline.buckley@furness.ac.uk and

Steve – steve.buckley@furness.ac.uk.

Students who use Twitter may also get updates from @Histpology.

All welcome!

Keep up to date with Politics with these free online courses:

How the US Government Works – Georgetown University

American Government: Constitutional Foundations – Harvard University

U.S. Political Institutions: Congress, Presidency, Courts, and Bureaucracy – Harvard University

The Supreme Court & American Politics – University of Baltimore / University System of Maryland

Citizen Politics in America: Public Opinion, Elections, Interest Groups, and the Media – Harvard University

Global Politics – University of Naples / University of Grenoble

Contemporary Issues in World Politics – University of Bilgi Istanbul

Discover Political Science – University of Louvain

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