19+ Bursary

This is a weekly payment for students who have a low household income. To check if you are eligible for this bursary please ask at student services for an application form. This form will explain what evidence will be needed as proof of household income. We would appreciate it if you could complete the form as soon as possible, however decisions on who will receive the bursary may not be made until September at the start of the college term or later depending on when your application was received. If you are eligible your payments will be back dated to the week your course started, provided you have full attendance. Payments are made directly into your bank account.

You can apply for this Adult Bursary if:

  • your household income is at, or below, £23,000
  • your course will lead to your first full Level 2 or first Level 3 qualification
  • you are studying full-time – at least 12 hours a week (equivalent to 450 hours of ‘guided learning’ a year, or 150 hours a term)
  • you are learning at a further education learning provider approved by the Skills Funding Agency Council

Bursary Support Channelside Leaflet 2020-2021

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