Why study at B6FC?

  • Why study at B6FC?

Six reasons to study at Barrow Sixth Form

1) Our tutors are specialists at post-16 teaching and treat you as individuals.

2) Students who join a sixth form college are better prepared for the next move to university.

3) Barrow Sixth Form is a proven path to higher apprenticeships and jobs with top employers.

4) Sixth form colleges are in the top performing education sector – our students get the best grades possible.

5) We have a wider choice of courses than a school sixth form.

6) Ofsted complimented our ‘culture of respect and positive relationships’.

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What to bring
  • I chose to continue with my full-time education because I eventually want to move on to university to gain a degree in Computer Science. The part I like most about the Sixth Form is the freedom that you’re given as a student, with free lessons where you can go and revise or do homework in the library or quiet study area, making it far easier to keep up with the work set. Because of this, it means I can better develop the independence I’ll need to go on to university, and it also lets me focus 90 more on my work in a more relaxing environment, which is exactly what I need!

    Matthew Templeton Dowdales School
  • I chose Barrow Sixth Form because of its excellent Science and Maths departments. From visiting the College at open days and taster days, it was clear to me that the focused and driven atmosphere of the departments was indicative of the excellent results achieved. I am a student ambassador for the College and a student rep for Physics and feel that the opportunities given here are an essential stepping-stone on the path to higher education or employment. After College, I wish to study for a master’s degree and doctorate in either Particle or Chemical Physics.

    Hannah Alarakia-Charles St. Bernard’s (Maths/Science)
  • Barrow Sixth Form offers a wide range of courses and I wanted to study Business Studies and Accounting. I really like the amount of freedom in the timetables in order to set my own revision schedule and improve my time management skills, which I hope will help me to secure a Higher Level Apprenticeship. I also like the fact you get treated like an adult and are given independence throughout the year.

    Nathan Milburn Cartmel Priory
  • I chose to go to Barrow Sixth Form because it offers a variety of subjects such as Business, Law and Sociology. The Sixth Form College has a completely different atmosphere to school, it is much more independent and social. The tutors treat you like adults and are very supportive which helps you through the jump between GCSEs and A Levels. I would like to go on to do a Higher Apprenticeship at BAE Systems and I know that my tutors and the careers advisor will guide me along the way.

    Chloe Dixon Ulverston Victoria High School (Law)
  • I chose to study at Barrow Sixth Form because I wanted to have a more in-depth knowledge in certain subjects. Currently, I am studying PE, History, Business, Mathematical Studies and the Community Sports Leader Award (CSLA). I have now secured an Apprenticeship, which was the goal I wanted to achieve.

    Nathan While Chetwynde (CSLA)
  • Coming from John Ruskin, Barrow Sixth Form is encouraging me on my journey from a small school to a big future. Engaging and supportive tutors, new opportunities and likeminded peers have all helped me to aim for the future that I want. I study French, Art & Design, English Language and Law and hope to see these qualifications take me to a Russell Group university with a degree in Linguistics or a career in Graphic Design. I couldn’t feel more comfortable at Barrow Sixth Form.

    Callum Slater John Ruskin (French)
  • I am studying History, Law, Maths and Government & Politics at Barrow Sixth Form. I chose these subjects because I have a real interest in them all and I enjoyed Maths and History at school. I enjoy coming to the Sixth Form as the environment is very different to a school environment and the tutors treat the students like adults. There are also many chances for independent learning and revision as there are free periods in our timetables, which is a contrast from school.

    Rebecca Price Dowdales (History)

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