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Our Student Services team provides a range of services and information for students.

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Find out more about the financial help available to students at Furness College. 


We offer help with transport to College, the parental contribution is only part of the cost of a bus pass, and the rest is paid by College through the Bursary Scheme.  We do not ask for the whole amount of money to be paid, we split this into 3 termly instalments.  Please contact Student Services to apply.

For details of costs involved please see below.

Transport Application Form

Ticket Area Termly Cost Parent contribution



Barrow Island


(As of 2017/2018)


The Megarider is available for use on all Stagecoach services in Barrow, within the boundaries of Walney Island, Park Road roundabout, Abbey House Hotel, Leece Lane/Stank Lane, White Hall. Valid at all times and can be used 7 days a week but not including college holidays.
Megarider Plus



£195.70 £589.10

Student Bursaries

Student bursaries were introduced in September 2011, with some support available on a means tested basis. Payments will be made weekly on full attendance, completion of work and good behaviour, and are to pay for the costs of education.  It is recommended that students apply for a Student Bursary as soon as possible if they think they may qualify.

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