Don’t wait for your results to start planning your next step


Waiting for your GCSE results is a nerve racking time. Will I get the results I need? What happens if I don’t? There’s no need to worry! You don’t need to wait for the outcome of your results to start planning your next step!

At Furness College, our team are on hand over the summer to give you the best advice, and discuss your options with you. They will even answer any question you have regarding College life, courses on offer and the transition from high school to further education. Whatever your query, our team will be able to answer it.

We offer Full-Time and Part-Time courses, Apprenticeships, University Education and Online courses, all across a diverse range of subjects and industry areas.

If you didn’t achieve the grades you wanted or expected, then don’t worry! Our advisers are available to answer any questions about the next steps you should take, to ensure you do the right thing for you and your future.

You can contact our Student Services team by visiting our website Furness College. Please keep in touch!


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