Our Strategy

  • Our Strategy

Our Vision - Inspiring people and changing lives through education and training

College Values

Excellence in everything we do
for individuals, encouraging diversity and promoting equality of opportunity
of the success and achievement of all our students
in how we work, develop and continuously improve
for the College and its students to be the best they can

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: Inspire
To inspire individuals through a rewarding, safe and inclusive environment

Success Factors

  • Promote and embed the College’s vision and values throughout all aspects of the organisation
  • Gauge and act upon the views of stakeholders to ensure the College continuously improves
  • Regularly review and develop the curriculum so that it is responsive to the needs of students and supports local and regional economic growth
  • Further develop the diverse and inclusive culture to create a positive learning environment which is committed to equality
  • Ensure all students are safe and maintain a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and discrimination
  • Develop students’ employability skills, promoting independence, ambition and resilience
  • Celebrate the achievement of our students, employers and colleagues, creating a reputation of excellence at local, regional and national level
  • Continue to develop the College team to match the demands of a changing curriculum, employer need and the needs of the local economy

Objective 2: Succeed
To raise individual aspirations, create opportunities and promote employability, personal development and progression by delivering high-quality inclusive education and training

Success Factors

  • Ensure that high-quality learning, teaching and assessment are at the heart of everything that we do
  • Continue to improve student outcomes through excellence in learning and teaching
  • Undertake rigorous self-assessment, set challenging targets for improvement, measure progress and take actions to achieve excellence
  • Demand high expectations of students through the setting and monitoring of challenging short-, medium- and long-term targets, pushing them to achieve their full potential and to progress on to further study, higher education or employment
  • To provide comprehensive, impartial and independent careers information, advice and opportunity guidance

Objective 3: Contribute
To contribute to the economic development and success of Furness through close working partnerships with employers and other key stakeholders

Success Factors

  • Contribute to and be a leader in regional economic growth through a responsive curriculum offer which meets the needs of individuals and employers
  • Respond flexibly to employers’ needs, measuring the impact of the College on employers’ business objectives
  • Work closely with local and regional organisations such as the Local Enterprise Partnership, schools, universities and local authorities, and contribute to the development of skills in the workforce and address current and future skills shortages
  • Continue to be the lead provider of STEM skills training in the sub-region
  • Grow the number of apprentices delivered by the College in line with national priorities
  • Deliver a flexible and demand-driven programme of commercial provision for employers
  • Maintain and grow still further the successful partnership with BAE Systems to achieve national recognition
  • Liaise with employers to develop further a comprehensive student entitlement to high-quality and meaningful work experience and internships

Objective 4: Prosper
To be financially successful through efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the delivery of sustained income

Success Factors

  • Maintain the College’s sound financial health and future prosperity through maximising opportunities to grow income and bringing about the necessary efficiencies in the delivery of the College’s curriculum and services
  • Foster a culture of innovation and enterprise which leads to responsive curriculum development, sustained income and improved work practices
  • Review opportunities for partnership working with other high-quality providers in the region
  • Extend the College’s capacity to deliver STEM programmes through effective staff development and the provision of additional facilities such as the Advanced Manufacturing Centre
  • Provide regular and robust performance data to the Corporation enabling the required level of scrutiny and informing management actions

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