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A Level Geology

A Level Geology

Are you intrigued to find out exactly how rocks are formed and identified? By studying Geology you will find this out, as well as the fossil records they contain and their importance in civil engineering.

Course Content

Course Aims

Geology students learn about the composition of the Earth’s crust, mantle and core, earthquakes, continental drift and plate tectonics. The course also includes studying the formation of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks with students learning how to identify rocks and minerals. In addition to environmental geology, this course involves study into the evolution of life, undertaking a detailed study of the major groups of invertebrate fossils, evolution and extinction, ecology and the use of fossils in dating.

As well as classroom study, fieldwork and the development of practical skills is essential to geology and you will have numerous opportunities to visit locations within Cumbria, one of the classical areas of British geology.

Students may have the option to visit an internationally-renowned geological location; in recent years this has been Iceland.

Entry Requirements

What are the entry requirements?

To study at this level you have a minimum grade 5 in any Science / combined science / Geography and a grade 5 or better in GCSE Maths, in addition to the general entry requirements.

If you intend to study Geology at university, you should also choose at least one A Level from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology.


What opportunities will this lead to?

Students often progress to degree courses in related fields. Past students work professionally as geologists in areas such as oil and mineral exploration.

Use this handy tool to find out more about potential careers after A Levels.

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