Foundation Degree in Business with Project Management

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This programme has been developed in consultation with local employers and has been designed to be the ideal first level Higher Education qualification for those who are in work and are interested in a business management career. It is equally suited to those working in both the public and private sectors. This well- recognised qualification will develop both your technical and knowledge-based skills and the transferable business skills so valued by today's employers. Key features include work-based learning and the opportunity to progress to a BA (Hons) programme.

What are the entry requirements?

Students are normally expected to have at least four GCSE passes at grade C or equivalent and to have one pass at GCE A2 level (6 unit awards) or an NVQ3 or equivalent in a relevant subject (evidenced professional or work experience may demonstrate equivalence), typically 80 UCAS points. Candidates must also be able to demonstrate competence in English Language and have evidence of a wide range of study at GCSE level or equivalent, including, where appropriate, portfolios of work.

Relevant business experience will also be taken into consideration.

It is expected that students will already be located in, or have access to, a workplace environment which enables them to undertake work based learning appropriate to the subject they are studying. All students will be supported in gaining appropriate work based learning opportunities but must recognise that, ultimately, these opportunities are an integral part of the programme and it will be the applicants? responsibility to undertake appropriate work based training at these stages. The work based modules are an intrinsic part of the degree experience and it would be expected that students who are not currently in related employment would have a strategy in place, which would be agreed with the admissions tutor, to ensure that they have access to suitable opportunities.

What subjects will I study?

The full programme will be as follows. However, modules can be taken individually to facilitate continuous professional development:

Level 4 Managing Self Development
Aims of the Module
• This module provides students with the opportunity to identify and develop a range of personal and interpersonal skills, based on their particular learning style/s. It will also enable students to become more effective learners through the discussion and application of ideas and techniques to assist their academic development.

Level 4 Managing Information
Aims of the Module
• to equip students with essential business IT skills
• to provide students with tools for analysing and presenting data in a business environment
• to explore issues relating to the effectiveness of information in business
• to establish key numeric skills for handling and analysing data

Level 4 Building & Leading the Team
Aims of the Module
• The aim of this module is to introduce the student to the behavioural aspects of project management. For all the robust plans and formal schedules, project management relies on people and teams. This module investigates the challenges involved in undertaking and leading a project. Key concepts and issues in organisational behaviour; team building and motivation; individual behaviour and conflicts in teams and organisations are explored.

Level 4 Principles of Project Management
Aims of the Module
• Aims to provide a clearer understanding of project building and development in terms of money, resources and time
• To equip the students with the knowledge to effectively analyse data and information and represent them appropriately for project management
• To enable students to familiarise themselves with effective computer software for use of complete project management for quick and easy use.

Level 4 Managing Finance
Aims of the Module
• This module covers the groundwork for a firm foundation in financial accounting. It concentrates on the mechanics of financial accounting for students desiring to understand the basic fundamentals of finance within business. At the end of this unit students will be able to produce internal financial statements for a variety of organisations, understanding the rationale that underlies the accounting process.

Level 4 Work Based project 1
Aims of the Module
• This module aims to provide the student with an opportunity for work-based learning. Students will have the opportunity to obtain a work-based learning experience, correlate the actual experience of a work based learning environment with the aims and objectives of the FdA course, and reflect on the learning experience. In exceptional circumstances, the work-based learning environment may be simulated.

Level 5 Managing Marketing
Aims of the Module
• The overall aim of this course is to develop an appreciation and understanding of the principles of marketing both within an applied context and from a theoretical standpoint and to apply knowledge of key theories and models. The role of marketing management within the organisation and its interaction with, and impact on, other functional areas (and academic disciplines) represent the key focus for this basis of understanding.

Level 5 Project Methods & Tools
Aims of the Module
• This module develops the students? project management skills through the exploration of existing standards and new and emerging methodologies for project management. Standards and methodologies are important aspects of project management in the global marketplace. An overview on some common standards currently in use will be given e.g. BS6079 and PRINCE2. An exploration of some newer methodologies will be explored as a contrast, e.g. Agile Development.

Level 5 Risk & Finance of Projects
Aims of the Module
• This module is provide essential knowledge of the financial and risk processes that are encountered throughout the life-cycle of a project and which manager must be aware of if they are to achieve successful profitable projects. Students will develop skills in interpreting financial information and be able to understand the implications of different funding methods. The ability to evaluate the financial viability and risk associated with project proposals will be developed.

Level 5 Managing Strategy
Aims of the Module
• The aims of this module are to provide the students with an understanding of the models underpinning strategy and the tools and frameworks to evaluate the competitive position of a business. The module will draw upon and integrate the students learning development in the rest of their programme

Level 5 Work Based project 2
Aims of the Module
• This module requires the student to complete a piece of project work specified by, and for, an actual client. Students will undertake the whole project from beginning to end, including planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and evaluation. This work is the culmination of the student?s study and students will be expected to draw substantially on the material and skills developed during the rest of the course, and specifically to demonstrate that they understand professional codes of practice and business ethics. The project gives students an opportunity to work independently and to show initiative.

Level 5 Entrepreneurship and Venture Planning
Aims of the Module
• The purpose of this module is to analyse the entpreneurial nature of successful business development. The module will enable students to evaluate their own interest and capability for business development and to develop effective business plans for new business ideas.

How will I learn?

Lectures, demonstrations, presentations, seminars, group work, simulations, case studies and self study are the principal methods of teaching and learning. These take place at Furness College. The emphasis on work-based learning means that this is a truly vocational programme and will enable you to both ground your learning in the work place and to reflect on work practice in an academic context.

You will be embarking upon a challenging course and will need to balance your personal situations (home and work) with the amount of degree work required to achieve the qualification. In addition to attending weekly lectures and related seminars, you will need to conduct private study after these sessions. This could be an extra 12 or more hours per week (depending on how well you organise your private study).

How will I be assessed?

Individual and group coursework, presentations, essays, portfolio, reports, work-based projects.

What opportunities will this lead to?

Employment opportunities include specific or general business management.

Progression on to BA (Hons) in Business Management with Project Management Studies

How long is the course?

Part-time over 3 years, one evening per week

When is the next start date?

10th September 2018

Programme Specification

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Fees for Part-time study in 2018/19 are £1,022 per 20 credit module.
Typically this will be £4,088 per 80 credits. To gain the Foundation Degree you
will need to study and pass a total of 240 credits. Fees for the duration of the
full course, typically over 3 years, are £12,264 plus a small annual
inflationary increase as determined by the Government.

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How can I apply?

PART TIME students can apply directly to the college using our online application:

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PLEASE NOTE Applicants may be invited in for interview with the course tutor.

Can I get more information?

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