Brickwork Skills - An Introduction

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A leisure course for the DIY enthusiast, to develop basic hand skills and safe working practices.

What are the entry requirements?

No prior experience needed.

What subjects will I study?

This course will involve an introduction to the techniques involved in Bricklaying. This will include setting up work areas, setting out, levelling, plumbing, laying bricks and blocks to a line and joint finishes.

How will I learn?

Practical techniques in the workshop.

How will I be assessed?

There is no assessment. The aim is to develop the student?s practical hand skills to a point where they could consider small DIY projects.

What opportunities will this lead to?

An understanding of the processes required to undertake small brickwork projects.

How long is the course?

This course will run one evening per week for 8 weeks.

Are there any additional costs?

Students must supply and wear safety boots from the start of the course; otherwise they will not be allowed in the workshop. Overalls or very old clothes are essential.

Course fee includes basic materials. However, if students wish to work with specialist materials they will have to provide their own.

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