Adult English Courses

Please note: Unfortunately our GCSE maths and English classes are only available to our full-time students. We do not offer GCSE maths and English classes to any learners on a part-time basis.


English and maths qualifications for adults are changing to Functional Skills.

Functional Skills are not just about knowledge in English and maths, they are also about knowing when and how to use the knowledge in real life situations. They can give you skills needed to feel confident and capable, whether it’s for work, helping your child or for your own personal development.

For any enquiries you can:

* call into college and leave your details at reception.
* complete an application form and return it to Furness College.

We will then make an appointment for you to come to one of our enrolment and assessment sessions. You will need to allow at least an hour for this. We have morning and afternoon sessions and evenings will be available on request.

Our Adult English Courses

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