GCSE Biology


You will want to gain a GCSE biology qualification because you are interested in science and biology in particular.
Students on a mainly A level programme of study can use GCSE biology to enable progression to some degrees like primary teaching or nursing. Students who are on a level 2 programme can progress to further education or employment in a science related field.
You will study topics such as: understanding organisms, including diet, health, disease, nervous system, drugs, inheritance and plant growth; understanding our environment including food chains, evolution and population studies; living and growing including cells and cell division, development and the circulatory system; it?s a green world including the functioning of green plants and agriculture; the living body including the human biology and beyond the microscope including bacteria, disease, enzymes and biotechnology.
You will learn through a mixture of theory lessons and practical work.
The course will allow candidates to develop their interest in Biology and successful completion will provide a science qualification for entry to many careers, including Nursing and Teaching.

Entry Requirements

To study GCSE biology you will need a grade 3 or better in GCSE science or biology.

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