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University Pathway Diplomas provide the ideal route to give you the confidence and skills to go into higher education and progress onto a degree. Courses last for one year and are full-time.

Many University Pathway students go on to succeed at university and beyond, with a large number pursuing new careers and seeing changes in their lives that they had never thought possible.

The Access course provides a pathway into a wide range of degrees and careers, for example:

  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • Law
  • English
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Sciences

To achieve a University Pathway Diploma, you need to complete a programme that includes two relevant subject areas (choices include English, History, Human Physiology and Sociology). You'll also be taught study skills - learning how to approach study and the different techniques that you'll need to be a successful student. Many people are nervous when they start a University Pathway course, particularly if they haven't been in a classroom for some time. Our tutors are aware of this and take it into account in the teaching and the support you will receive. Though you can expect the course to be challenging, the whole purpose of a University Pathway course is to help you to succeed.

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There are a vast range of careers available in this industry. See our courses below for more information.

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