Cambridge Technical Level 2 Extended Certificate in Media & Communication


You are interested in what?s happening around you right now. The average teenager spends 40% of their waking hours with media products. The media is such a huge part of your world it is not surprising it makes an interesting and important area to study.
Students can progress to a Media qualification at level 3 for which this course is a very good preparation. As well as academic study, the Cambridge TEC offers an excellent introduction to a wide range of media skills relevant to media production such as film editing, photography, journalistic writing as well as crucial research, planning and evaluative skills.
It will give you the ability to deconstruct any piece of media to better understand how it has been put together, why it appeals to audiences, and how you can use those ideas in your own productions.
You will study a range of media texts. You?ll also learn to understand the media by producing your own range of media products.
Team work is essential in the media and your assessed work will come from a range of individual and group projects. Lessons will range from class-based analysis to independent practical production lessons.

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