A Level Sociology


As a student of Sociology you are interested to understand how society works and how different theories might be applied to the way the modern world appears to function. You will study how education works in modern societies and investigate critical views on schools, exams and the way students may get ?labelled? on their journey through the system.
As well as investigating the ways in which sociologists gather their information ? questionnaires, experiments, official documents ? you will also consider some of the great and controversial theories such as Marxism, feminism and social conservatism.
Armed with both theory and method you will then be well placed to engage in a deeper study of what ?family? means in modern society. You will explore different family types and make observations on the extent to which social policy impacts on the way families function in modern Britain.
In your Sociology lessons you can expect to be challenged and motivated towards developing independent views on what it means to live in a modern society. You?ll never look at your family and school in quite the same way ever again.
Sociology students progress to a range of higher education options and careers and make very good use of the research skills developed in their studies.

Entry Requirements

To study sociology at this level you must meet the general entry requirements.

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