A Level Psychology


We are all amateur psychologists, constantly trying to explain behaviour we see around us. You will be fascinated by this and want to develop a more informed and scientific approach.
Students often go on to study psychology at university. Others use the A level to support progression to a broad range of university degrees.
You will study psychological explanations of behaviour, including why behaviour is influenced by the people around us, how memory works and why we forget, the importance of early childhood attachments, and why people may suffer from mental health issues and how they can be helped and supported. You will study the characteristics, explanations for and treatments of schizophrenia. You will study Forensic Psychology, how psychologists have studied police work and applied psychological knowledge to improve support police work. You will study how understanding changes with age in childhood. You?ll be introduced to psychological approaches to research and carry out small investigations. You will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the measurements you have collected.
You will work both in small groups and independently.

Entry Requirements

To study psychology at A level, you need to have gained a grade 4 or better in GCSE mathematics and grade 6 or better in GCSE biology, or additional science. This is in addition to the general entry requirements.

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