A Level Photography


You will have an interest in images and create ideas and will enjoy using your creative skills to develop and produce original work, inspired by the work of the best photographers and designers.
Many students go on to study photography at University or join the Art Foundation course to further their portfolios, leading to successful careers in the creative industries.
Throughout the A level you will investigate how to create strong images, how to use your camera to its full potential and develop images from a given brief. You will use sketchbooks to display your work and create ideas and you may use traditional methods and/or digital techniques to produce images. Students will be assessed on the context of the content and skills presented as well as the importance of process. You will learn about camera functions, aperture and shutter speed looking at composition and depth of field using a specialised vocabulary
You will be investigate different areas of photography, such as portraiture, landscape, still life, documentary, fashion, experimental, multimedia, installation or moving image working independently on chosen themes.
To study photography at this level you will need a Grade C in English.

Entry Requirements

To study Photography at this level you must meet the general entry requirements.

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