A Level Law


You enjoy problem-solving and have a good memory for facts. You?re interested in studying a subject directly relevant to your life.
Students often go on to study law at university, others progress to a broad range of degrees that draw on the reasoning and communication skills developed.
You?ll study how the law is made in this country and our legal system, including the roles of those working within it. You?ll consider the concept of liability by studying two types of liability; criminal and civil. You?ll also look at how a defendant is dealt with in the criminal justice system. Later on, you?ll develop your study of the criminal law and concepts of law and investigate the links between criminal law and ideas of fault, judicial creativity and how conflicting interests are balanced.
You?ll undertake a variety of activities in lessons including problem solving, essay planning, pair work and group activities. You will also develop your ICT skills and carry out research using the internet. You will visit our local courts and police station and also have the opportunity to visit as our Parliament at Westminster and our Supreme Court

Entry Requirements

To study law at this level you must meet the general entry requirements.

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