A Level History


You will be interested in how and why history unfolds and in the role and impact of individuals and movements.
As well as going on to study history at university, students use the research, critical evaluation, investigation and document appraisal skills developed by studying history in a broad range of degrees and careers.
You?ll study broad periods and topics of history based around the key theme of rebellions and civil struggle including: the Mid-Tudor Crisis, Elizabeth I and the USA ? expansion west, civil war and reconstruction. Later on you?ll study Britain and Ireland 1798-1921 and complete a piece of individual research for your coursework. You?ll be introduced to a wide range of fascinating individuals from the history you study. In short, studying history will give you a broad perspective in aspects of British, American, Irish and some European History ? there will even be an opportunity to visit France in the first year, and Ireland in year two.
Lessons will be exciting opportunities to explore and discuss issues of conflict within established states and struggles for independence against empires and crowns.

Entry Requirements

To study history at this level, in addition to the general entry requirements, a GCSE grade 5 or better in GCSE history if you have studied history at school.

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