A Level Government & Politics


You take an interest in current affairs and enjoy debating current affairs and politics generally. You wish to study a subject that affects your everyday life.
Students progress to a broad range of degrees that draw on the skills of argument and communication honed on the course.
You will develop a critical awareness of the nature of politics and gain knowledge and understanding of the political system of the UK and detailed knowledge of political institutions and figureheads. You will be able to communicate relevant, clear and coherent arguments. You will discuss the concepts of democracy, power and authority and the impact of the electoral system of the UK. You will also explore the Government of the UK. Later on you will study the Government and Politics of the USA and influences behind the US political system.
Lessons tend to be active and you will learn through a variety of activities including role-play, pair and group work and individual research. You will develop your ICT skills and make considerable use of the internet. You will have the opportunity to visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the Houses of Parliament and will be encouraged to undertake work placement to experience the workings of local government.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to study government and politics at this level, although you must meet the general entry requirements.

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