A Level French


You?ll want to be a confident communicator in French and want to engage with French culture and language. You will have enjoyed French at school and want to further develop your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.
Many students of French go on to study at university, often choosing courses in the arts or humanities that make good use of their talent for communication.
A level French is a two year linear course, with all exams at the end of the course. There is an emphasis on students developing a knowledge and understanding of aspects of the society, culture and history of France; a key part of this will be the in depth study of two works, literary or film. The grammar essential for speaking and writing accurate French will be introduced and thoroughly practised; translation skills, both from and into French, will also be acquired. Students will also develop as independent researchers by means of an individual research project on a subject of personal interest, relating to a French speaking country.
You will be taught through a mixture of classroom based study and conversation classes. Nearly all of the teaching will be delivered in French to develop your fluency. You must make good use of the self-study resources available to you and develop autonomy as a learner. The opportunity for a prolonged stay in France may be provided via a study visit to Paris.

Entry Requirements

To study French at this level you will need to have a GCSE grade 6 or better in GCSE French, in addition to the general entry requirements.

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