A Level English Language


You are interested in how variation in meanings and forms in language are influenced by situational, cultural and social factors as well as in developing your own skills as a writer.
Students go on to university study and employment in journalism, the media or public relations, but English language equally provides an excellent basis for a wide range of other careers and courses, including Business and Legal professions.
You will learn how to analyse the way other writers and speakers use language in a diverse range of genres such as short stories, magazine and newspaper articles, advertising copy, reportage, political speeches and campaigning, charity campaigns, sports commentaries, T.V. chat shows and media interviews.
The English we use today has evolved over centuries and you will trace back the ways in which English has developed from its Old English origins to Late Modern English.
You will examine some of the issues and debates surrounding language: is there a correct way to speak? What's "bad" about bad language? Do men and women use language differently? What is Black English? How do children learn to speak?
Lessons involve a wide variety of learning activities. You will engage in analysis, individual writing and research involving one-to-one tutorials. You will also engage in discussions, workshops and presentations, working as a whole class and in smaller groups.

Entry Requirements

To study English language at this level you need to have gained a grade 6 or better in GCSE English language or GCSE English, in addition to the general entry requirements.

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