A Level Design and Technology: Product Design


You are keen to develop your interest, skills and expertise in design beyond GCSE. You will be taught the core technical, designing and manufacturing principles and additional specialist knowledge; areas include material science and applications, manufacturing techniques, CAD/CAM skills and how new technologies influence design. You will carry out a number of practical pieces of work in a range of materials, collated in a portfolio for assessment purposes.
This course aims to enhance those skills that many universities and employers value e.g. the ability to effectively analyse problems and situations, see a project through to a conclusion, meet deadlines and work to a budget. You will work independently, develop your own designs and produce detailed design portfolios, models and prototypes.
You will have access to Chetwynde School?s excellent equipment including 3D printer, large printer-plotter, laser cutters as well as a state of the art workshop and CAD/CAM suite.

The Russell Group universities view D&T as a ?useful advanced level qualification? for studying engineering and material sciences.

Product Design is an excellent choice for anyone considering a career in any field of design and technology, for example, engineering, product design, graphic design, furniture design, car design, architecture etc.

Entry Requirements

To study design & technology at this level, in addition to the general entry requirements you need to have a grade B or better in GCSE design & technology (Product Design, Resistant Materials, Engineering or equivalent) plus grade 5 or better in GCSE mathematics and grade 5 or better in a GCSE science

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