A Level Chemistry


You might aspire to discover a new life-saving drug or help solve an environmental problem. You will be interested in the scientific method, the molecular structure and behaviour of materials, their interactions and the ways chemicals are used in industry.
Many students of chemistry go on to scientific degrees and to a broad range of careers, from medicine, pharmacy, chemical engineering and veterinary medicine to finance, law, the media, engineering, forensic science and art restoration. Chemistry opens many doors.
In chemistry you will develop a range of skills through a variety of learning experiences and be encouraged to ask questions of yourself.
The course covers the chemistry essential for life, medicines, fuels, sea, atmosphere, modern materials and polymers and many of the important industrial processes.
Concepts are introduced within a relevant context and aim to convey the excitement of contemporary chemistry by focusing on the ways in which chemistry is used and the work that chemists do. You will be taught through a mixture of practical and theoretical work.

Entry Requirements

To study chemistry at this level in addition to the general entry requirements you need to have a grade 5 or better in GCSE mathematics and grade 6 or better in GCSE chemistry or grade 6 or better in GCSE additional science, having studied for the higher tier papers, GCSE applied science is not sufficient for this progression. You must also study A level Maths or Mathematical Studies to support numeracy skills.

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