A Level Business


You?re interested in the relationships between employers, managers and employees, and between businesses and their customers. You follow media reporting of changes in the business world like the effects of new technology, reasons for bankruptcies and takeovers, consequences of changes in taxation or exchange rates and ethical questions like the impact of business operations on the environment.
Business students apply to higher education and go on to business careers such as accounting, insurance, banking, retailing, human resources, marketing and any type of management.
The course includes topics such as financial planning, managing a business, strategies for success, the environment businesses work in and managing change. Within these topics you will learn about finance, people, operations management, marketing and competition.
You will be taught by formal classroom teaching alongside reading case studies, analysing business performance, learning how to solve problems and develop strategies. You will also develop data handling skills.

Entry Requirements

To study business at this level you need a grade 5 or better at GCSE mathematics plus the general entry requirements.

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