A Level Art & Design


You will have a genuine interest and ability in art and design and will enjoy using your creative skills to develop and produce original work, inspired by the work of the best artists and designers.
Many students go on to study art and design at university, and develop successful careers in the creative industries. For others it is a passion that complements their other A levels.
Investigating the work of artists and designers will strengthen your grasp of the visual language that they all use to express themselves. You will experiment with a wide range of media and techniques to enhance your practical skills. You?ll develop personal responses to broad themes, always working from relevant visual sources. You?ll test a series of ideas before producing a well-considered outcome.
The teaching is very student centred, encouraging independence and focused on understanding the creative process with a range of workshops to develop new skills and media. Work is displayed around College and is often displayed in outside exhibitions shows.

Entry Requirements

To study art and design at this level, in addition to the general entry requirements, you need a grade 6 or better in GCSE art and design (any endorsement).

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