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Company helps sixthform students to keep safe

A local company has answered the call to help keep sixth form students safe after donating 100 bottles of hand-sanitiser.

Barrow Sixth Form College reopened its doors to first-year A level students this week and wanted the extra supplies to ensure everyone was on top of their hand hygiene.

The college contacted Lindal-based home fragrance firm Wax Lyrical, who were more than happy to help out.

During lockdown Wax Lyrical has turned its hand from producing luxury candles and reed diffusers to making hand sanitisers, many of which have been donated to the NHS locally.

Deputy Head of Sixth Form Helen Gibson said: “We have prepared our building and have many hand sanitiser dispensers installed in strategic places. Having small bottles will reassure staff and students as we get settled into the new routines of attending college.”

“We are delighted that Wax Lyrical were so ready to help us. When we were planning our restart of face-to-face teaching Wax Lyrical were quick with their offer of help, it’s a great example of the Furness community working together.

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