By employing a retail apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help you to meet business requirements by becoming skilled and confident in a range of sector skills.

Depending on your type of business, an apprentice could be assisting customers with sales, handling purchases, becoming a product expert and learning to help with specific queries or working behind the scenes in stock handling; ensuring products are received in the correct quantities and appropriately stored – the role very much depends on the needs of the employer.

On the Advanced Level Apprenticeship, your training will focus on gaining specific skills in your preferred speciality. You will handle more responsibility and gain important management skills. From organising displays to learning the crucial aspects of management, the skills gained from the Retail Apprenticeship are transferable to all retail companies. With a young workforce, the UK’s retail sector is vibrant and offers many opportunities for early career progression.

  • Charlotte Lafferty - Apprentice

    As I was already employed in the family business, the apprenticeship meant that I would be gaining a recognised qualification in retail. I enjoy completing the apprenticeship as I can be assessed while at work and my assessor Julie comes and observes me dealing with customers, completing window displays and taking payments from customers. She is always making sure I am working to the required standard.

    As this is the family business I’m able to get involved in all aspects of the work we do and if I am unsure of anything my mum can always advise me. We attend craft shows to promote and sell our products and we are always looking at new ideas to interest our customers, like the handmade products we sell for pets such as cookies and hand knitted jumpers.

    Julie my assessor has been helpful and always gives me information about the college that I can do in addition to the apprenticeship, like the sales training courses.

    I would tell anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship to do one as you are getting a qualification whilst you work and earn money.

    Charlotte Lafferty - Apprentice Burtons Pet Shop & Pet Bakery
  • Cheryl Burton

    Charlotte is my daughter and is employed at the shop, and after the assessor called in the shop one day and started telling me that apprenticeships were available in retail, I thought this would be perfect for my daughter who was already working at the shop. I have completed an apprenticeship myself and understand the value of them, so I also understood how they worked and how the assessor would observe her carrying out her duties within the workplace.

    As Charlotte did not want to attend a full-time college course, she was happy to start the qualification as it meant all her training and assessment would be completed while she was at work.

    Our business is now expanding and adding pet grooming to our services to our customers will mean that Charlotte will be involved more in the direct running of the shop and allow her to develop new skills and apply what she is learning on the apprenticeship. Once Charlotte has complete her Level 2 apprenticeship we are already talking about her doing a Level 3 apprenticeship as she will be taking on more responsibilities in the shop.

    The support from the assessor has been good as Julie passes information over about courses and always updates me on Charlotte’s progress on the apprenticeship; recently we have been arranging a delivery of stock so Charlotte can be observed dealing with it as this is one of her units in her qualifcation.

    Cheryl Burton Burtons Pet Shop & Pet Bakery

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