Motor Vehicle

By employing a motor vehicle apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help your business to function successfully, by becoming skilled and confident in a range of mechanical practices. Activities will focus on either light vehicle or fast-fit technician skills such as how to assess the damage and then how to replace the body parts.

  • Chris Ritchie - Employer

    I chose to employ an apprentice so I could train them the way I wanted them to be. I chose Furness College because of its good reputation, good facilities and I like to support our local college. By taking on an apprentice he has become a valued member of the team.

    I have a good working relations with the college and have regular meetings with the assessor regarding student progress.

    I would thoroughly encourage taking on an apprentice as getting the right person can help grow a business and they become an important member of the company.

    Chris Ritchie - Employer Chris Ritchie Garage Services Ltd
  • Craig Paterson - Apprentice


    I chose to do an apprenticeship as I wanted a recognised qualification and to become a fully qualified motor vehicle technician.

    I chose Furness College for the training as I’d attended a full-time course and was lucky enough to get a placement.

    On the apprenticeship I enjoy learning all of the theory side of the job that I do on a daily basis.

    My employer is very supportive and my assessor is always there when he is needed and he keeps me focused on what I need to do within my qualification

    If you were thinking about doing an apprenticeship I’d encourage you to do it. You learn new skill, it starts you off on your career ladder and you gain a recognised qualification. Go for it!

    Craig Paterson - Apprentice Chris Ritchie Garage Services Ltd

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