Information Technology

By employing an IT apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help your business to function successfully, by becoming skilled and confident in a range of IT practices. Activities encompass a wide range of general computing & IT skills which can be applied across the business such as maintaining IT networks and systems as well as how to use and operate databases and computers.

  • Anne Durnall - Employer

    We chose to employ an apprentice as we thought it would be a good addition to the existing IT Manager’s role but were unsure whether the need for a further member of staff was warranted. Having taken an apprentice on we now realise how valuable Michael has been.

    Langdale has an excellent working relationship with Furness College and has always found them to be responsive, solutions focussed, well organised and friendly. 

    Michael has been a star in his time at Langdale and has been an invaluable asset to Langdale but particularly to Wayne, our IT Manager. Having a 24 hour, seven day a week business we have been able to support our guests and staff by having two members of the team on board.

    Support from the college and particularly Tim Thornhill, has been second to none. Tim has gone the extra mile, nothing is too much trouble on many occasions and we really appreciate the help and support he has offered Michael and therefore Langdale. 

    I would certainly recommend taking on an apprentice, and certainly with the assistance of Furness College, who have made it easy for us to do so.

    Anne Durnall - Employer Langdale Hotel & Resort
  • Michael Pitt - Apprentice

    I chose to do an apprenticeship as it gave me the opportunity to learn new things in the world of ICT as well earning a wage

    I chose Furness College as my training provider as they have a very good reputation and friendly and supportive staff who are willing to help you achieve your qualification.

    My Employer, Anne Durnall is very supportive, helpful, friendly and polite. We all work very well as a team helping one another. Wayne has been very helpful teaching me new things and that I have learnt a lot on the servers, switches, and other everyday problems in an ICT industry.

    My assessor has been very supportive throughout my apprenticeship and is always giving his time to help with hard questions on some of my assignments. He is well organised, planning out deadlines for assignments, scheduling meetings and improving how to gain evidence for assignments like witness reports, voice over conversations and screen capturing.

    I would highly recommend taking up an apprenticeship as you will gain a new career and meet new people, learn new skills, receive qualifications and earn a wage at the same time.”

    Michael Pitt - Apprentice Langdale Hotel & Resort

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