Health and Care

By employing a health care apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help your business to function successfully, by becoming skilled and confident in a range of caring practices. Activities include learning how to provide health care to people with a particular need.

  • Stephen Hibbert - General Manager

    Employing an apprentice is beneficial to both parties. As an employer we get to ensure that staff are trained to a standard we are happy with and have an input into that training. This means that when an apprentice qualifies they are already familiar with your way of working, your methods and your policies and procedures. 

    As an apprentice you get to see and participate in the practical application of the knowledge you are gaining, thus providing a more rounded training experience. The apprentice also benefits from being in employment whilst working and therefore earns a full time wage whilst studying.

    Having become disillusioned with our Health & Social Care training provider we met with several companies to discuss what they could offer. After meeting everyone, Furness College was the obvious choice. The tutors are very professional and have a very structured approach to learning, whilst also offering the flexibility to fit in with our needs as an employer. They understood the balance that needed to be struck between working and learning, which other providers did not seem to grasp.  The tutors and assessors are happy to fit in with our working rotas and always run appointments with the apprentices past a manager so we know exactly what is going on.

    We have partnered with Furness College to assist apprentices in Health and Social Care, Catering & Hospitality and Accounting. The quality of the training provided and the approach of the tutors and assessors has been second to none.  The tutors are always willing to chat with us as an employer about the progress of the apprentices and are always on hand to provide support for the apprentices themselves, either by phone, email or in person.

    The standard of work and enthusiasm towards their work of the apprentices has certainly increased as the course has progressed.

    The benefits of employing an apprentice are plain to see. As you are investing in your workforce and supporting their training they become more productive, motivated and satisfied in their work. This leads to greater employee retention. Working with Furness College has provided us with these benefits whilst causing little to no disruption to our business operations and lowering our overall training costs.

    Stephen Hibbert - General Manager Croft Care Trust
  • Kim Wright - Apprentice

    The apprenticeship allows me to better myself as it gives me more skills and knowledge to carry out my job role and opens up more opportunities in my area of work and better qualifications.

    I chose Furness College as it has a good reputation and I know other people who have done an apprenticeship through the college. It is a local college and was recommended to me by my employer.

    The best thing about my apprenticeship is learning new things and linking theory to my current practice. I have a much better understanding of how my role links to policies and procedures and codes of conduct. It also allows me to earn a wage whilst gaining a Level 3 qualification.

    My employer is very supportive and is always happy to help with my learning and teaching me new skills.

    My assessor is also very supportive and is easily contactable if I need help with any of my work. She is also quick to respond when marking work and is very fair.”

    If you want to do an apprenticeship I’d say “Go for it!” You learn new skills, earn a wage and gain practical experience whilst you are doing it!

    Kim Wright - Apprentice Croft Care Trust

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