By employing an engineering apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help your business to function successfully, by becoming skilled and confident in a range of practical engineering practices. Activities include operator roles in an area of engineering such as electrical, fabrication and welding or mechanical.

  • Steven and David Houghton - Employer

    We have taken on a number of apprentices as they have continually demonstrated an impressive interest in the products designed and manufactured on site and always come with an eagerness to learn. These are exactly the type of engineers we are looking to have a future with our company. The mentoring by our Furness College assessor is second to none as he not only encourages the apprentices in his charge but acts as a sounding board. Furness College has certainly given our apprentices the tools to become valuable engineers in our company.

    Steven and David Houghton - Employer Houghton Parkhouse Ltd
  • Chris Searle - Apprentice

    I choose the apprenticeship route because I studied engineering at Furness College for two years and having really enjoyed it, I wanted to carry on into the apprenticeship programme. I enjoy the apprenticeship with Houghton Parkhouse as the training they have provided helps me to understand the roles and concepts of the engineering trade and the roles and responsibilities of being a fabricator and welder. The benefits of working with an employer and being in a work place is you learn first-hand on the job and you learn to work in a team to complete the tasks given to the highest standard possible. I receive the support of my foreman and fellow colleagues and also my assessor when I have any problems or I need help. My assessor visits me on a regular basis to find out how I’m getting on, what work I am doing and if I need any help.

    The benefits of employing an apprentice mean you can train them up to meet the needs of your business, they have experience of working in the workplace and they are continually improving their skills and abilities.

    Chris Searle - Apprentice Houghton Parkhouse Ltd
  • Rovtech Solutions take pride in the fact we train the next generation of ROV Engineers and Pilots. Apprentices have always been an aspect of business that Rovtech wants to promote. Although we know that they will eventually move on, we believe that the skills they take with them helps the longevity of the company as each new opportunity they encounter reflects well on Rovtech Solutions.

    Furness College gives our Apprentices a good grounding in the skills required, whether this is for mechanical or electrical application. This training can be extended on within the workplace for the specifics of the company. With the advent of the new building and investment in equipment, we are assured of a good quality of training. The hands on staff are knowledgeable and the offsite support is exceptional.

    As the skills are gained and extended, the impact grows. A mechanical apprentice goes from ‘roughing out’ on a lathe, which in turn saves money due to the skilled machinist concentrating on the finishing of products, to further down the line when they are the skilled machinist and able to produce a fully finished article.

    As always (and so it should be) the Apprentice also undertakes some menial jobs, cleaning machines and brew making etc, to help teach them the meaning of Teamwork and respect for all those in the company. This small impact allows for the skilled operators to concentrate on the (paid) jobs.

    The great advantage of Furness College is the direct conversations we can hold with the Assessors. Being equipped with a mobile number, we can contact the Assessor directly and talk through any concerns that may arise. The advantages outweigh any disadvantage in the long run. With the help of Furness College the disruption of receiving a new Apprentice is kept to a minimum and this soon disperses as the teaching of basic skills is quick and usually painless. We would recommend taking Apprentices on as they soon become valuable members of the team.

    Steve Phelps Rovtech Solutions
  • Thomas Vernon - Apprentice

    I chose Furness College for my training because I read about the new campus and saw what they had to offer in mechanical engineering.

    On my apprenticeship I have enjoyed learning key skills in the work place and having the opportunity to earn some money for myself to help for the future.

    My employer is a nice person that I can get along very well with and he has supported my through my apprenticeship.  My assessor has supported me through my apprenticeship - if I was struggling at work I would contact him and he would try and help with my issues.

    I would thoroughly recommend any student at college to try and get an apprenticeship because it can advance your skills further and you get a taste of the working environment, it will also help you secure a job for the future.    

    Thomas Vernon - Apprentice Rovtech Solutions
  • Norman Porter

    We had a gap in our staff for an electrician and with our niche machinery we thought we would benefit from someone that knew them electrically inside out. We asked other local employers and Furness College seemed to come highly recommended. 

    It’s good to watch skills develop over the period of time - we can see the benefits already. Our Furness College Assessor is often in contact with our apprentice which is good. He keeps me posted on all his progress which is helpful and professional. Like the response from other employers, we asked before making the step into apprenticeships. From our experience we would highly recommend Furness College.

    Norman Porter TMS Mouldings
  • Simon O’Neill

    TMS had mechanical skills in abundance, but due to natural growth in the company they needed to have the technical skills of an electrician. I chose Furness College as my training provider due to their good reputation and their good quality of training. On my apprenticeship I really enjoy new experiences and learning new skills.

    TMS are keen for employees to learn new skills and have a great bunch of people employed there which makes the job so much easier and enjoyable.

    My assessor is very supportive and is always available, friendly and professional

    If you’re thinking about doing an apprenticeship I’d say, “Do it!” You will learn all the skills from both your employer in the work place and from your time in college.”

    Simon O’Neill TMS Mouldings

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