By employing an early years apprentice, you will be taking on someone who will help you to meet business requirements by becoming skilled and confident in a range of supporting roles.

This Apprenticeship is about providing vital support in the classroom by making sure students get the most out of their lessons. 

Supporting teachers to carry out their duties like lesson preparation, could include students working with small groups or individuals, allowing the teacher to concentrate on teaching the class. 

Your apprentice will work under the close supervision of a class teacher. Their duties will vary depending on how the teachers work and plan their lessons and handle day-to-day classroom activities.

The Advanced Level Apprenticeship adds more responsibility to the role. You could help plan, carry out and evaluate a wide range of learning activities. You’ll work both alongside the teacher to support classroom activities, and alone with individuals or groups of students. It’s a good stepping-stone to a foundation degree or Higher Level Teaching Assistant training.

  • Head Teacher - Mrs Nicola Reilly

    We have always been a school who supports students in different roles. We had heard good reports about apprentices and were interested in a long term placement and someone who we could train with the prospect of offering a permanent position.

    For many years we have trained students from Furness College and have a very good working relationship with staff from the College. Any concerns/issues we have regarding students are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

    We are delighted with our new apprentice Sophie. She has increased staff support for our Nursery pupils; become a valued member of the School team; gives generously of her time outside of school hours and is conscientious and very reliable.

    Assessors from Furness College are, and always have been, very supportive. Sophie is well guided in the area of training and it is clear that the Duty of Care from the College is always at the forefront of any decisions discussed or made for Sophie.

    In taking on an apprentice within your organisation you will not only be supporting young people, but through the support of a selection process that is very stringent in assessing candidates your organisation will benefit immensely from a keen and enthusiastic apprentice.

    Head Teacher - Mrs Nicola Reilly Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary School
  • Sophie-Leigh Brown

    I decided to do an apprenticeship so that I could gain some on the job experience in my chosen field and achieve my end goal of becoming a primary school teacher.

    I chose Furness College for my training firstly because of their good reputation within the local community and their ability to deliver high quality courses.

    I enjoy many aspects of my apprenticeship including the fact I am able to learn and develop new skills daily whilst still earning.

    My current employer is very helpful and all the school staff are really supportive towards my training and this setting has also allowed me to learn a lot from the other teaching staff.

    My assessor is very easy to chat to and is in regular communication with me to ensure I am completing the work required and is always there to offer her support and guidance when necessary.

    I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as although I have only been on the course a short while I feel like I have learnt new skills that will benefit me for a lifetime. You have the best of both worlds as you have the on the job training and the chance to attend night school, whilst still earning.

    Sophie-Leigh Brown Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary School

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